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You won't get out alive by albertxlailaxx You won't get out alive by albertxlailaxx
Previous part:[link]

Wow, Road looks way more demonic than I thought she yay. Anyways, This part gave me a lot of trouble. I had wrote an ending to this and then hated it so I had to rewrite a few pages which only made me more frustrated. Writers block rly sucks. Once I get Chi out of her depression and have her become an exorcist, I won't be writing these stories to the pics anymore unless necessary. Just a little heads up. I apologize this part is so long -.-;

Sidenote: When Kanda is talking to Chi and saying "Stand up and walk on your own two feet" I got that quote from the first volume of Full metal alchemist which I just started a few days ago. I thought it was a nice saying so I used it.


"Father...he's not here anymore. He's...NO WHERE anymore. I'll never see him ever again..." Chihiro laid motionless on the ground for a moment; staring up at the clouds. Now, it really did feel to Chi as if someone had sucked every bit of life out of her. A tear streamed down the young girls face as she reached a hand towards the sky, as if she were about to grab something. She laid there for a few more seconds before sitting up, still reaching a hand out in desperation,

'Father...don't go...' Chihiro stood up and began walking over to an edge of the cliff outside the Black orders gate, 'Please...don't leave me here all alone...'

~With Allen, Reever, and the others inside the order~

"Oh crap! Allen!" Reever cried, looking with the other scientists at the monitor that projected the outside of the HQ. Allen ran over and followed Reever's eyes to the screen,

"...Huh? that...?"

Reever looked to Allen in a serious manner, "You'd better get out there...If she goes any further to the edge of the cliff, Chihiro may..." Reever's voice trailed off as he looked back at the screen in concern. Allen swallowed big, turned, and jolted out of the room.

~Back with Chi outside~

Feeling the wind clash against her skin, Chihiro walked all the way to the edge of the cliff and looked ahead. As she did before, the girl reached out a hand,

'We'll always be...together...' More tears filled the girls eyes. Chihiro clenched her chest with her free hand and took a step forward, 'Don't leave me behind...' And for a moment, Chihiro saw her father's face appear in the sky, smiling down at her. She smiled back, miserably,

"Please...don't leave me...alone..." The girl let her body fall forward,

"CHIHIRO!" Allen screamed, running out of the gate. Lavi, who Allen had met on his way out of the HQ, ran beside him,

"Damn, we're not gonna make it in time...!" Lavi shouted as both of the exorcists tried to run faster. Faster and faster...Allen tried to reach out a hand to grab Chihiro with but it was too late. Chi fell all the way over the edge.

Lavi and Allen screamed again, "CHIHI-" All of a sudden, they felt a presence zoom past them and jump off the cliff. A couple of seconds passed when, from over the cliff, Kanda appeared in the air, holding Chihiro. After Kanda hit the ground, Lavi and Allen ran to their comrade in surprise,

"Kanda? Where did y-"

"Shut up, Baka Moyashi." The samurai exorcist snarled in aggravation, placing Chi onto the ground.

Lavi shook his head and sighed in relief, "Who cares how Yu got here? Chihiro." Lavi leaned down and touched Chi's cheek, "You okay...?" Chihiro looked up with wide eyes at Lavi and slapped his hand away. Then the girl turned to Kanda and began to cry again,

"Why...Why did you...?" Chihiro stood up and grabbed Kanda by his jacket, "You stopped me from going to see father! How could you?" The girl began slamming her fists into Kanda's chest, "BASTARD! Why didn't you just let me die like I wanted?" The girl brought up another fist but Kanda grabbed it, firmly, before she could hit him.

"Shut your damn mouth, you moron." Kanda threw Chihiro's fist downwards in anger. Lavi and Allen jaw dropped,

"Uh, Yu? Ya might wanna show her a little more sympat-"

"You shut up too, Baka Usagi." Kanda looked from Lavi back to Chi, glaring, "Get a grip. Your father is dead and he's not coming back. So stop your crying, bitching, and moaning because there's no one here who will hold you anymore." Kanda turned and began to walk away, "Its sad, but there's nothing that can be done. You got two legs that work so use them. Stand up and walk on. Isn't that what your father would want?" Kanda turned back and stared at Chihiro. Her eyes widened more. She now remembered reading something similar in her father's letter that he had left,

"Its time Chihiro stood up and walked on her own. That will only happen if I'm not here."

Chihiro looked down and then back up as tears filled her eyes all over again, "Father..." Her body began to tremble, "Father...!" The girl stood up and screamed at the sky, "ngh...! THAT ISN'T TRUE, FATHER! I CAN STILL MOVE FORWARD IF YOU'RE HERE SO...SO PLEASE DON'T GO...! COME BA-"


Allen shot an extremely dark glare at Kanda, "BAKANDA! DON'T CALL HER THAT!"


Chihiro ignored the two exorcists and continued to scream and plea at the sky. A picture of Chi with her dad when she was small flashed in her mind, "D-DON'T GO...PLEASE DON'T GO!" Chihiro covered her eyes with both of her hands, "DON'T LEAVE ME BEHIND...! FATHERRRRRR!" And now, a picture of her father walking away appeared. The girl fell forward, dropping to her hands and knees as she continued to sob uncontrollably. Kanda turned his back and muttered to himself,

"If there is even a small chance she is an accommodater, there is no way in hell she'll make it as an exorcist. Shes far too weak. Baka warugaki." Lavi's expression suddenly turned angry but before he could turn to yell at Kanda, the samurai had gone back inside the order. Bookman Junior clenched a fist,

'Jeez Yu. That was totally out of line...' Lavi unclenched his fist and looked down to Allen who was trying to comfort a distressed Chihiro and failing horribly. She still cried out the same thing. Allen could do nothing to stop that. Allen sighed and finally pulled Chi into a hug,

"Kanda is wrong, Chihiro." Chi stopped her sobbing for a moment. Allen hugged onto his friend tighter, "There is still someone here who will hold you when you cry, you know..." Chihiro looked up to see her friend smiling that warm smile he always had. Allen mumbled two simple words, "I'm here..."

"...!" Chi's pupils grew small,

"I promise. We'll always stick together. Best friends...forever!"

"...Allen..." Chihiro shut her eyes and buried her face into his chest. Allen held onto her, sadly,

"I'm sorry...its all because of me that Kyonshi is gone now. I can never keep my promises with you...but I think you should know.." Allen lifted Chi's chin up with a thumb so she was looking at him. Allen's voice cracked as tears streamed down his face, "...Kyonshi was like a father to me too." Allen remembered back to when he met Kyonshi for the first time,

~Flashback~ (10 years ago)

"Hello there, young man. You're Allen Walker, correct?" A young Kyonshi smiled, looking down at the small child before him. The five year old Allen shyly nodded at the man and looked down, blushing. Kyonshi laughed and patted the boy on the head, "You're quite the shy one, aren't you? Well, I'm glad my daughter made a friend." Allen looked back up to see Kyonshi smiling warmly at him. Allen clung to a seven year old Chihiro and mumbled,

"Y-You're daddys really nice..."

Chihiro giggled, looking over to her father who was now busy cooking, "I know. He's the best dad in the world!"

Allen smirked and raised a brow, "Mana is the best dad in the world! Yours comes second, hehe. But you know..." Allen looked back to Kyonshi, "He kind of acts like your mom too..." The boy tilted his head in confusion.

Chi smiled, nodding, "Of course. Daddy has to be my mommy too because I don't have one. She died."

"O-Oh..." Allen frowned, feeling awkward.

"Allen, would you like to stay for dinner?" Kyonshi asked, looking from the kitchen counter to the boy. Allen's face immediately lite up,

"YES PLEASE!" Kyonshi laughed again and sat food on a large, wooden table. Grabbing him by the wrist, Chi dragged her friend over to a chair.

"You sit here, and I'll site beside you!" Chihiro climbed onto the chair with a wide grin spread across her face. Allen smiled back, and attempted to climb onto the chair,

"uh...NGHHHH...UM!" Allen jumped up to get on the chair but fell, "...I'm too short to get up that high, yet..." Allen mumbled to himself in embarrassment.

"Here you go." Allen suddenly felt himself being lifted and placed on the chair. Blinking, Allen looked over to see Kyonshi smiling politely at him. Allen blushed and twirled his fingers,

"T-Thank you, sir..."

"You're welcome. And no need to be so formal, Allen. When you're here, you're part of the family." Kyonshi sat a plate of food in front of Allen and ruffled his hair. Allen blushed yet again,


Chihiro placed a hand over one of Allen's and smiled, "Yeah!" Allen looked from Chi, then to Kyonshi. Kyonshi nodded and sat beside Allen with a very parental grin on his face,

"That's right, Allen. You're always welcome here. This can be your home away from home if you ever need it..." Again, Kyonshi patted Allen's head.

The young boy touched where Kyonshi had patted as tears filled his eyes, '...I never thought anyone would be as nice to me like Mana...' The boy looked up in happiness and smiled. Chi and Kyonshi exchanged looks and nodded. Kyonshi lifted his glass,

"Welcome to the family, Allen Walker."

~End flashback~

Allen held onto his friend tighter so that she could not see his face. His expression was a terrified and extremely sorrowful one. Just like with Chi, the tears would not stop. And now, his body had begun to shake too. The memories that had once been wonderful and precious ones to Allen cut a whole in his heart whenever he remembered them now. Those memories of his happy times with Kyonshi...were now extremely painful ones. But Allen knew he was not the one that suffered the most here. Allen opened his mouth to continue on with his speech,

"Kyonshi of the nicest people I'd ever met...and when I...saw him die..." Allen bit his lip and took in a deep breath, "When I saw him die...even, though I had promised to protect him, he still wanted to entrust me with a favor...So right before he died, he asked me one last favor..." Allen closed his eyes,

"Please. Take care of my little girl for me."

"...Kyonshi always used to look after me as if he were my own father...So, to repay him for all the nice things he did, I'm going to make one final promise. And this time, even if it kills me, I'll keep it." Allen looked up with a determined expression painted on his face, "I promise to carry out Kyonshi's final request. I'll be here for you, Chihiro. Just like he was here for the both of us." Allen broke the hug and planted a small kiss on Chi's forehead. Shocked at the kiss, Chihiro looked up, her cheeks rosy red. Allen smiled again, "...You're not alone, Chihiro. So don't worry." Allen held one of Chihiro's hands in his, gently.

Chihiro stopped crying and looked down with an emotionless, colorless face. Allen stood up and took Chi's hand, "Why don't I take you back to your room? I think you'd feel better if you got some rest." Chihiro said nothing and took Allen's hand. Lavi looked to the both of them and smirked to himself. As Allen passed by to take Chi back into the order, Lavi mumbled to Allen in a soft tone,

"Looks like you're all she needs to get through this, Allen." Lavi tapped Allen on the shoulder and went back inside himself. Allen shook his head and made his way back into the order. After walking down a few hallways, and through a few of the corridors, Allen finally reached Chi's room.

"Get some rest, okay? I'll leave Timcanpy with you. That way if you need anything, just tell Tim and he'll come get me." The little golden golem emerged from Allen's hood, flew over to Chi's side and brushed against Chi's cheek, playfully. Chihiro held out her hands, waiting for Tim to sit itself in them. Allen turned to leave, "I got to go now but I'll be back. Remember're not alone." At that, Allen ran off down into the order's HQ. Chihiro opened the door to her room and entered. The girl walked over to the bed, sat down, and picked up a framed photo that laid on her bed. Timcanpy flew onto Chihiro's shoulder and looked down at the photo with her. It was a picture of Kyonshi holding Chihiro when she was a baby. Timcanpy snuggled up against Chi in comfort. Placing the picture back down, the girl spread herself across the bed, staring up at the concrete ceiling.

"We'll always be together..."

"...Tch." Chihiro looked over to a spot in the room that inhabited some of her fathers belongings.

'Komui and the others must have cleaned out his room', she thought. She narrowed her eyes,

"You're not alone, Chihiro."

The girl let out an unexpected laugh, "...That's a load of bull crap if I ever heard one." But before she could say anything else, the girl jumped at the sudden sound of ringing. Chihiro sat up and looked over to a phone that sat on her night stand. At first, the girl was hesitant and refused to answer it. But as the ringing continued for the next several minutes, the girl became so annoyed that she picked up the phone in anger,


"Hello...Chihiro Hoshakuji..."

Chihiro froze at the strange voice from the other end of the phone. She could not make out who it was. It didn't sound familiar to her at all. And if she didn't know the voice, how did that person know her name...?

"...Who is this?"

A small chuckle came from the other end of the phone, "I heard about your situation and I think my master can help."

Chihiro raised a brow, "Your...master? Hey, answer my first question..." It was clear to Chihiro that the person on the other end was a girl...and she sounded fairly young too. Almost as if she were a middle school student. Timcanpy, who was also listening in on the other end of the phone, began to fly around nervously. He HAD heard that voice before...back when Allen and Lenalee had traveled to a certain rewinding city,

"My name is Road Kamelot and I am from the clan of Noah."

Timcanpy poked Chi with his wings and opened his mouth, trying to show her the memories Allen had when he first met Road but Chi would pay no attention. She swatted Tim away as she continued to talk on the phone. Timcanpy sweat dropped.

"I'm going to hang up if you don't tell me who you-"

"Wouldn't you like to see your daddy again?"

Chihiro's eyes widened, "...what?" Chihiro could practically HEAR the girl on the other end smirk at what she said,

"You see, my master can bring the dead back to life. It pains him to see others cry over the loss of a loved one and he noticed you had just lost your father. So...what do you say? Want to see your father again?"

Chihiro placed a hand on her head as she could feel herself getting dizzy, "...Wait...he can...bring them back from the dead...? Who is your master-"

"We don't have much time to chit-chat. Meet me in Dankern village. Its a few miles from the Black order. If you want your father back, you'll come ALONE and without telling anyone where or why you're leaving. Understand?"

Chihiro bit her lip, "You...can really bring him back...? I'll really get to see him again...?"

"Indeed. I'll be waiting for you at the inn in Dankern village. And remember, come alone."

Chihiro heard a 'click' sound on the other end and then a beep. She placed the phone back on the receiver and smiled happily, as tears of joy streamed down her face, "Father...Father...We'll be able to be together again..." Chi ran over to her bed, grabbed a bag, and began to stuff random items into it as she continued to cry, "All's I have to do is meet that girl...and I'll be able to see him again...FATHER!" Timcanpy flew over to Chi in a panic, pulling on her clothes as an attempt of telling her not to go. However, Chi completely ignored him. Chi packed her bag and opened the door to her room, "I'm coming, father..." Chihiro laughed and ran off down the hall, leaving Tim in a completely empty room. The golem swallowed big and flew off to find Allen as quickly as possible.

~Somewhere else~

"Is she coming?"

"Yes Lord Millennium. Chihiro Hoshakuji is on her way."

The Millennium Earl looked down at the girl before him and nodded, "Well done, Road. Make sure that she doesn't suspect anything when you bring here over. Otherwise she might make a run for it."

"She suspects nothing. What a dumb daddy's little baby." Road chuckled and threw herself into a chair, "Shes so desperate to see that guy again, she'll throw herself into a trap that's so obvious, its funny. I'm sure Allen has warned her about you, Lord. But she's totally ignorant to all that now, thanks to making her have that nightmare and then making that same nightmare become a realty right before her eyes. This is getting fun..."

The Earl stood up and looked to a million moving shadows behind him, "Indeed it is, Road...Indeed it is." The Earl motioned for the shadows to come forward, "Don't be shy now. You akuma were made for this. We'll drag that Hoshakuji brat in here and kill her before she even has a chance to become an exorcist. And perhaps in the process, we can even make another akuma as well." The millions of akuma, the Earl, and Road broke out into a high-pitched laughing fit. Road stopped her laughing, transformed into her human form, and through a dart at a photo that was pinned to the wall,

"That girl doesn't have a prayer of getting out of here alive." Road smiled insanely as she stared at the dart on the picture that had landed on Chihiro's head...

~To be continued~

Bad part I know. Sorry guys. Stupid writers block rly sucks. Lol I got the whole "Dankern village" thing from the episode in DGM called "The village where a witch lives". I love that towns name so I used it ^^;

Base used for Road c) DGM

Base used for Chi c) :iconangel-pixel15:

Dgm and its characters c) Katsura Hoshino

Chi c) Me

NEXT PART:[link]
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