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October 15, 2011
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My one final wish... by albertxlailaxx My one final wish... by albertxlailaxx
Previous Part:[link]

*EDIT* Sorry Kyonshi's hair color is too dark in this one. I hate the color on my PC'S makes everything look rly light when it isnt >< *end edit*

BTW THIS IS IMPORTANT: Listen to this:[link] as you read the whole storyline. It rly makes you get into the mood of the story. Seriously, listen to this song when you read. ESPECIALLY when you get towards the end of the storyline, listen to his song while reading. I mean it XDD

Translations for anyone who needs them. "Baka" means Idiot in Japanese. "Moyashi" means Beansprout in Japanese and Kanda usually refers to Allen with this because he is short. "Koibito" means sweetheart in Japanese.

I may have gone a bit overboard with the sparks ^^; But Kyonshi is suppose to be disinagrating and I wanted it to look pretty so..sorry XDD It isn't TOO bad is it?

"If you want the innocence I'm holding, come and get it."

"GRAHH- KILL THAT HUMAN AND TAKE THE INNOCENCE!" The 3rd akuma shouted to his companions. All of the akuma jumped up and started towards Kyonshi when Allen and Kanda suddenly jumped in front of him. Looking back, Allen stared at the innocence Kyonshi held in his hand. Just a short while ago, Kyonshi had claimed to have stolen that innocence from the Black order before they left on the trip. The silver haired boy clenched his teeth together, trying to keep himself from yelling at Chihiro's father but it was too late,

"WHY DID YOU STEAL INNOCENCE FROM THE ORDER?" Allen shouted, tears forming in his silver eyes as he turned around, glaring. Kyonshi looked to the side, unresponsive. Irritated, Allen stepped forward to scream again when Kanda suddenly grabbed him by the collar and yanked on it,

"BAKA MOYASHI! PAY ATTENTION TO THE PROBLEM AT HAND-" Kanda's eyes widened as he let go of Allen's collar and held up his sword when the second akuma appeared in front of him, bringing a claw down. Kanda smirked and slashed the second akuma in the arm and proceeded on with the fight. Running up, Lavi looked to Allen and drew out his hammer,

"Allen, I'll take the first one!" Allen nodded at his friend and now went for the third akuma, which seemed to be the most powerful of the group. Meanwhile, Kyonshi just stood there, smiling to himself as he watched the exorcists fight the akuma with all they had.

Chihiro, who had been thrown to the ground by the akuma, sat up and looked over at her father and began to shake.

"CHIHIRO!" Chi looked up to see Lenalee rushing towards her. The green haired girl leaned down and touched her friend's shoulder, "Are you okay? Did those akuma hurt you at all?" Chihiro didn't respond. Lenalee grabbed both of her friends shoulders and shook her, "Chihiro, answer me! I need to know if they shot you or anything!" As Lenalee continued to shake her friend, Chihiro looked into her friend's eyes. Lenalee suddenly let go of Chi's shoulders and frowned sadly. Tears were pouring down the blonde's face as she shook with fear at the situation. Lenalee pulled Chi into a comforting hug, "Chihiro..."

Chihiro broke the hug and suddenly began clawing at the ground, sobbing, "Why is father acting like this? Why did he steal innocence?" The young girl looked back up at her father and stood up quickly, crying out "Why does it feel like he's saying GOODBYE?!"

"...Be a good girl, alright?"

Chihiro fell backwards,

"...I love you, Koibito. Don't ever forget that."

No...everything was playing out like a nightmare. Akuma had surrounded the exorcists and were trying to kill her father...just like in that horrible dream she had been having. In the end, would her father be killed anyway? Even though Allen had promised that he would protect him? Was God really going to take the most important person to Chihiro away from her? Chihiro took a step forward but fell to the ground at feeling her legs suddenly go paralyzed. No...she couldn't let her father be matter what.

"CROSS GRAVE!" Chihiro looked over to her friend who was in the middle of fighting the third akuma. The girl looked to her father then back to Allen,

"I'll protect Kyonshi, no matter what."


"..!" Allen jumped to the ground and looked up at Chi with wide eyes. Just like when he was in the carriage, that intense feeling of sickness came back all over again. Why did he get this feeling? It was every time the boy thought of the promises he had made. Why did he feel like throwing up when those words flashed in his mind like a broken record?

"I'll protect him!"

'...No.' Allen looked back and began running towards Kyonshi, activating his weapon, '...I won't break my promise. Lavi and Kanda can take those akuma. I have to protect Kyonshi no matter what...!' Then Lavi looked from his fight to Allen who was running away,


Allen ignored his friend and continued to run. He had to get to Kyonshi before the other level one akuma that were appearing in the area could. Unfortunately, because of that second akuma, Allen had gotten a ways away from Kyonshi but no matter. The exorcist would get to Kyonshi. He'd protect him just like he said he would. No matter what would happen to him, he had to keep this promise. He HAD to. If he didn't, then Chihiro would...Allen's eyes widened, as he slid to a stop,

"KYONSHI, BEHIND YOU!" Allen and the others looked back to see a large group of level one akuma standing behind Kyonshi, pointing their guns at him. Kyonshi turned around and chuckled then looked back at Allen and shrugged,

"Calm down, Allen. It isn't even that many of akuma."

"WHA...?" Allen could see Kyonshi knew nothing about the true danger of akuma. Kyonshi wouldn't run. He probably didn't even know what would happen to him if he got shot. No, the only way Kyonshi would if Allen protected him. Allen began running again, faster and faster. "KYONSHI, YOU HAVE TO-" But before Allen could finish his sentence, the level one akuma fired their guns. Allen froze, "KYONSHI!" The shots had hit the exact spot Kyonshi had been. Everyone lost their breath as they waited for the smoke to clear. No...Allen didn't see anyone. Kyonshi was gone...Allen fell to his knees, "n-no...NO-"

"That was close!" Allen, the other exorcists, and the akuma all looked up. Their jaws dropped. Kyonshi stood on a tree branch, completely unharmed. The man smiled and waved to his friends. Allen slowly stood up and frowned,

"How the hell did you...?"

"Wasn't hard. I just waited for the akuma to fire and ran out of the line of fire. Once the shots are fired, they can't switch the direction in which the bullets go." Kyonshi looked to the akuma and smirked, "Looks like your pals missed~"

"NGH. DAMN HIM!" Akuma #1 snorted, glaring at his friends.

"...You're quite interesting, Mr Hoshakuji. Perhaps you're an exorcist after all. No normal human could dodge our level ones so easily." Akuma #3 laughed, motioning for more level ones to surround Kyonshi. Kyonshi let out another laugh,

"I can assure you, I'm no exorcist. No, the exorcist you all are searching for..." Kyonshi peaked over at Chihiro who looked up at him in fear. He smirked, " not here." The blonde man jumped from the tree branch, to the ground, and began running off down the road, "Catch me and you'll get your innocence!"

"SUCH PERSISTENCE! GO AFTER HIM!" The three akuma shouted as him and the rest of the akuma flew down the road after Kyonshi. Lavi, Krory, and Kanda ran up to Allen in a panic,

"Allen, we have to go after them! Kyonshi can't avoid those akuma forever!" Krory suggested, shaking Allen in terror. Nodding, Allen activated his weapon and the exorcists ran off after the akuma.

"Those akuma are-" Lavi stopped in his tracks at the sound of an explosion in the distance.

The exorcists stepped backwards at seeing Kyonshi and the akuma were now running back in the opposite direction, towards them. Shockingly, Kyonshi was still completely unharmed, despite the fact that he was being chased and surrounded by many level one akuma and three level four akuma. Lavi sweat dropped, "How the hell is he still okay?"

Allen shook his head, "I have no clue! I mean, Kyonshi was always pretty fast and strong cause he worked out a lot keep up with akuma...Maybe he is an exorcist like Komui suggested."

"You're wrong, Moyashi. He isn't an exorcist." Each of the exorcists looked to Kanda who was watching the akuma attack Kyonshi. Surprisingly, Kyonshi was still dodging every akuma attack with ease,

"What do you mean, Yu?"

"...Why do you guys think he stole the innocence from the order? If it was for himself, he would have activated the innocence by now. He is not the accomadator of that innocence...but maybe he knows someone else here is..." Kanda looked back at Chihiro and narrowed his eyes.

"...HUH?" The exorcist's eyes widened. Kanda continued,

"Think. Kyonshi has been working in the science division ever since he and Chihiro began staying at the order. It has been six months. Of course that man would figure out what innocence was and how it works. He may even know when an innocence has found its accommodater like a general does..." Kanda clenched mugen in his hand hard.

Allen looked from Kanda to the ground. He began to tremble again,

"...Kyonshi...knows...wait, but-"

"DAMN YOU!" Akuma #3 shouted, slamming a fist into the ground, just missing Kyonshi. The man chuckled yet again and jumped back onto a tree branch,

"You akuma aren't as crafty as everyone says you are, huh?" Akuma #1 twitched and began to throw rocks at Kyonshi,

"Shut up, human! We are! You're just-"

"We'll kill you! KILL!" The 2nd akuma pointed at Kyonshi and again, the level ones surrounded him. Flying in front of him, Akuma #3 smirked at Kyonshi and opened his mouth, revealing tentacles that came out and wrapped around Kyonshi.

"You won't be able to run away anymore, Mr Hoshakuji...You're clock has now run out." Despite what Akuma #3 said, Kyonshi did not flinch. He still smirked, calm as could be. This attitude greatly aggravated the akuma,

"Stop acting so calm! You're going to be KILLED you fool! Just because you may be an exorcist-"

"I already told you, I'm not."

The second akuma shook his head, "Not yet but if you bond with that innocence-"

"Nope, I can't. I'm not 'Chosen by God' like those guys." Kyonshi pointed to Allen and the others then scratched his nose. The third akuma sighed and looked Kyonshi in the eyes,

"You aren't afraid to die, I take it?"

Smiling darkly as tears formed in his eyes, Kyonshi broke free from the akumas hold and jumped to the ground. He looked back up, "Nope. Not in the least."

The third akuma crossed his arms, "I'm curious...if you're a normal human, why aren't you afraid of us or death? Are you insane?"

Kyonshi rubbed his neck, sheepishly, "Nah...nothing like that..." Kyonshi looked back to the akuma as a single tear fell from his eye, "I just don't think I belong here anymore. My work here is done." Akumas #1 and #2 looked to each other, stupidly and scratched their heads,

"What does that mean?"

Kyonshi smiled, "You akuma wouldn't understand." Kyonshi looked back at Allen and grinned, "Allen, may I make a request?" Allen looked up, feeling his trembling increase as he looked Kyonshi in the eyes. Something was wrong..he could see it. Kyonshi's expression scared Allen. Swallowing big, Allen faked a smile,

"S-Sure. Anything for you, Kyonshi."

Kyonshi opened his mouth but before he could say anything he was again, grabbed by the third akuma's tentacles. The third akuma lifted Kyonshi off the ground and looked at the level ones. The rest of the akuma surrounded Kyonshi from every direction and pointed their guns.

"No...!" Back over by the carriage, Chihiro stood up and ran towards the akuma that held her father, "Father! NOOOO!"

She ran, faster...faster...faster...Chi suddenly felt her legs give out, Tripping over a rock, Chi fell to the ground. And then...the sound of guns shots filled the air. The girl looked up in horror. Her jaw dropped...The third akuma still held Kyonshi with his tentacles but...this time, Kyonshi had been hit. All over, wounds covered Kyonshi's body. And right on his arm, little star shapes were forming. Chihiro had seen those shapes before...pentacles. Just like in her nightmare, her father had been shot by akuma. The bandages that had covered Kyonshi's right eye came off and blew over to where Chi was. Picking them up and holding them in her hands, Chihiro looked to Allen, "Allen...they...they shot him...they shot daddy..."

Looking back, Allen felt more tears form in his eyes. Allen averted his attention back to the akuma and clenched his fists together. Kyonshi looked to Allen and and then back to the akuma, "You know, in the end, you won't win. The exorcists have GOD on their all are fighting a losing battle. Just a little tip you all should know." He smirked.

Lavi looked over to Krory and yelled, "Krory, you have to get to Kyonshi! He's been badly hurt but if you can suck that akuma's virus before it spreads, he won't die! HURRY!" Krory nodded and went to fly to Kyonshi when out of no where, a wall of level one akuma appeared before all the exorcists. Lavi felt himself begin to sweat, "CRAP! We need to get Krory to Kyonshi fast!"

Swinging his hammer, the eye patch exorcist took out three akuma. But there were still many more they needed to destroy. The exorcists continued on with the fight, however, even when they seemed to have almost gotten rid of all of them, more level one akuma appeared.

"Dammit, there's no end to them! By now, Kyonshi could be dead!" Allen looked to Lavi and gulped,

"D-Dead...?" Allen fell to the ground as he felt everything he had ate that day come up all at once.

~With Kyonshi and the akuma~ (the exorcists can't see them right now because of the level one akuma)

"You are a fool, Hoshakuji." Akuma #1 snailed as he and his pals watched more penticals appear on Kyonshi's face and arms. Sticking his tongue out, Kyonshi shut his eyes,

"Tell me something I don't know."

"Don't you have a good relationship with that brat of yours? Why do you not care about dying? If you die, you leave your daughter..." The second akuma said, flying slowly around Kyonshi.

"...I know that. This is the path I've chosen though." The third akuma's eyes widened,


Kyonshi looked down, smiling very painfully, "Thats right..." The man looked up at the sky, "I've had this planned from the start. I knew that in the end, I would probably die. And I've accepted that."

"...Stupid human. All of you are just stupid..." The third akuma said, looking downward, sadly...

~Back with Allen and the others~

"BAKA! Stop throwing up and fight!" Kanda screamed hitting Allen upside the head. The boy stood up, wiped his mouth, and continued on with the fight, There were still many akuma that existed and the number was contining to increase. Allen jumped at one of the akuma and went to do a cross grave when he suddenly heard laughter. The wall of level one akuma cleared just so the exorcists could see the three akuma and Kyonshi, but they could not get through. The exorcists stopped fighting and looked up,

"Kyonshi!" The exorcists cried. Coughing, as blood trickled down his chin, Kyonshi looked down to Allen. His entire face and body were covered in pentacles now. Chihiro stood up and ran beside Allen, her face turning white. Kyonshi smiled warmly and threw something . Catching what Kyonshi had thrown, Allen looked at his hand. The innocence...Allen felt tears pour out of his eyes like a waterfall as he looked from the innocence to Kyonshi. Kyonshi looked back up at the sky, the sunlight reflecting on his face,

"Well, this happened faster then I expected."

"F-Fath-...!" Chihiro's eyes went grey. She could see small bits of dust starting to come off her father's face. No. He was disiniagrating. The akuma virus had spread through his entire body now. Falling to her knees, Chi felt everything go dark. Lavi looked to Chihiro and shut his eyes tight as he faught back the tears that were welling up inside. Screaming, Lavi swung his hammer at the level one akuma,

"GET OUT OF OUR WAY, DAMMIT! GRAHHHHHHHHHH!" The eyepatch destroyed part of the wall of akuma, leaving an opening to get to the other three akuma and Kyonshi. Lavi looked to Krory in desperation, "Krory! GO NOW!" Tears streamed down Lavi's face now. Crying as well, Krory shot up and flew towards Kyonshi,

'The virus may have spread but I can suck the rest of it out. Part of him will be gone but if I get to him in time then maybe he won't end up dying-' More akuma repeared in front of Krory just as he had gotten a few inches away to grab Kyonshi. Krory screamed as he attacked the akuma, "NO! GET OUT OF THE WAYYYYYYYY!" Krory went on to destroy the akuma in front of him but they kept coming like before. Allen looked from Krory back to Kyonshi,

"HANG ON, KYONSHI! We'll save-" Kyonshi shook his head, smiling. The boy froze, "Kyonshi, just hang in there! We'll-"

"Allen, its far too late." Kyonshi spoke gently as his left eye fully disenagrated. Allen dropped to his knees and shook his head,

" can't die...I swore I would...protect you..."

Kyonshi laughed nervously, "Allen, you've done far more than enough for both me and Chihiro. I have one last favor to ask of you though..." Kyonshi's right arm and left leg turned to dust. Allen looked down and clenched his stomach as his breathing began to quicken from crying so hard. After catching his breath a little, Allen looked back up,

"...The favor...what is it?"

Kyonshi looked back and smiled the warmest and kindest smile he ever had, "Please...take care of my little girl for me."

"...!" Allen jumped up and ran forward. As the rest of Kyonshi faded, a quiet, firmiliar lullabye could be heard in an echoing voice,

Yoru ni utaeba, yami ni nomarete
Asa no hikari ga sore wo terasu
Todokanai, sou jyanai
Tobira wa mou hirakareteru

Mitasarereba, fuan ni natte
Naite ireba, sore mo shiawase ga
Soko kara mo, mou ichido
Tachiagaru, tanoshimi ga aru

Ah, fumikomu dake, omoi nigiri,
Suikomu dake, kono shousoukan mo
Anata ga ima koko ni iru riyuu wa
Kono amaoto ga shitteru...

"..." The voice faded and Kyonshi completly disinagrated. Allen fell to the ground in a state of something similar to unconciousness, however, his eyes were wide open. After finishing off the rest of the level ones, Krory dropped to the ground as well. Lavi ran over in worry,

"Krory, are you o-"

"DAMMIT! DAMMIT TO HELL!" Krory punched the ground as hard as he could. Lavi leaned down to Krory and touched his shoulder. Krory pulled away, sobbing, "I-I couldn't save him...I couldn't get to him in time..." Krory buried his head into the dirt, "I...I...let him die...oh God..."

Lavi looked down, causing his bangs to fall in front of his eyes. Then, the hammer boy suddenly felt something drop on his head. It was light, like a liquid. Another drop. Before he could say anything, it was pouring out. The sky, now dark with misery and pain; rain falling as if the angels and God in heaven were crying themselves. All the akuma except for the main three had been destroyed. And now, in the end, the worst possible thing to happen had occured. Just as in Chihiro's nightmare, Kyonshi was dead.

As the rain continued to fall, all the exorcists were silent. Covered in blood and scratches, each of them sat on the ground, holding their heads downward in failure and sadness. Chihiro didn't look at any of them and stood up. The girl wobbled over to a pile of dust that had, at one time, been her father. She sat down, her face drained of any emotion, and picked up the dust and held it to her chest. She smiled as tears fell down her face,

"...Its alright father. We'll always be together...always...always...forever...we'll" Chihiro buried her face into her knees and let go of the dust. A few feet away, Lenalee and Kanda stared at the girl. Lenalee covered her mouth, trying to stop her tears,

"...we should have been...more careful...ngh!" Lenalee fell to her knees, clenched her stomach, and sobbed, looking downward. Kanda looked to Lenalee, then to Chihiro and turned away. He dropped his sword to the ground and descended to the ground himself. His bangs covered his face also, drops of rain streaming down his face.

"I'll protect Kyonshi..."

Allen got up and leaned against a tree, sliding to the ground,

" matter what."

The boy felt all the life go out of him. He looked up at the dark sky and smirked darkly to himself, " the end, I couldn't keep my promise afterall...I'm such a..."

Overhead, the three akuma still remained. They stared down at the exorcists and shook their heads,

"Stupid exorcists..." the first said.

"We told them we'd kill that guy." The second looked to the first and nodded.

"Now, lets kill those exorcists!" shouted the first one in excitement.

The third akuma grabbed his friends by the arms and tugged them along as he turned and began to fly in the opposite direction. The two akuma looked at their leader in shock,

"Hey! Where are we going?" cried Akuma #1.

"The exorcists are back there! They're vunerable so lets-"

"Nah. Let them suffer. We'll come back and kill them later. We did what we came here to do." The third looked back down at the pathetic excuses of exorcists. The akuma all sighed,

"But we didn't even kill the girl..."

The third turned and smiled, "Yes. But perhaps, that will work to our advantage..." the two akuma looked to one another then back to the third,

"you mean..." The third nodded. "You're brilliant!" The third laughed and looked down at Chihiro,

"I know." and the three akuma then flew off into the night...

"...We call ourselves exorcists...?" Lavi mumbled, watching the rain pour down,

"...we couldn't even save one of our friends..." Krory sobbed, laying on the ground.

"The one we were suppose to killed even though we were suppose to prevent that..." Lenalee held her face into her hands.

"...We're pathetic..." Kanda covered his eyes with one of his hands.

Allen looked back up at the sky as well, "...Farewell...Kyonshi..." Lightning flashed and a loud noise echoed. And to the exorcists, the world might as well have ended right then and there...

~To be continued~

...really sad story right? Listen to the song "Sadness and Sorrow" from Naruto when you read the ending and just TRY not to cry. Farewell will be missed :tears:

Base used was found on Google. I dont know which anime its from

D gray man and its characters c) Katsura Hoshino

Chihiro, her father, and this story c) Me

The song Kyonshi sung at the end is named " and you can listen to the male version here: [link]

The female and better version of the song can be found here: [link]

NEXT PART:[link]
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