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If you're reading this by albertxlailaxx If you're reading this by albertxlailaxx
Previous part:[link]

Title of this work reminds me of the song by Tim Mcgraw "If you're reading this"...that song always makes me rly sad ;~; I hurried to get this done so hope you guys like it. I tried to make Komui look rly sad here...did I succeed? :hmm:

On a side note, I watched ep 96-97 of DGM today and I nearly screamed when I saw Johnny got stabbed!! No one stabs my nerd! lol


"...I see. Yes, I understand. Thank you for calling..." Komui placed the phone back on the receiver and sighed.

"Chief?" Komui turned to see Reever and Johnny standing before him. Their faces showed great sorrow and pain in them. Specifically Johnny's face who had tears streaming down it. Komui knew what they were going to say. He motioned for the scientists to follow him and made his way over to his desk. Sitting down, Komui folded his hands and rested his head on them,

"...I already heard. Kyonshi is dead. Kanda called earlier--"

"We figured you already knew about that. However, we found this." Reever reached into his pocket and handed Komui a piece of paper with writing on it, "Havlaska thinks Kyonshi must have left this behind when he stole the innocence from us."

Komui adjusted his glasses and began reading,

"Dear Komui,
By now, I'm sure you've discovered what I have done, and I truly apologize. My reason for stealing the innocence from you is simple. You see, I have studied innocence for the past six months I have stayed at the order and in that time I've learned a few things. I believe the innocence I took belongs to my daughter...."

Komui's eyes widened as he read on,

"I knew you all were suspecting my daughter and I as exorcists. So, in hopes she would bond and activate with her innocence, I stole it from the Order before we left on the trip. I think it would be better if Chihiro activated her innocence as soon as possible so she can protect herself. I'm sure you're wondering why I seem so sure my daughter is an accommodater. I suppose its just a gut feeling, nothing more. Please understand, that when I stole that innocence, I was only thinking of my little girl...."

Komui swallowed a lump that was forming in his throat. Bringing a hand up, Komui took off his glasses and read more, fighting back the tears forming in his eyes,

"If it is so that my daughter turns out to not be an exorcist, please, protect her. I realize I am asking a lot but I do hope you remember what I said the day we met. Chihiro is my entire world. If anything were to happen to her, I could never forgive myself. That child is all I have. Now this next part is important. When you see Chihiro, please, give her this message..."

"A message?" Komui wiped his eyes and clenched the paper in his hands,

....Tell her that Daddy loves her and that I'm sorry it had to end up this way. I really did want to spend forever with her, just as I had promised when she was little. But it seems that could not happen. I broke the very most important promise I ever made to that girl, and for that, I can never atone. I deserve nothing less than to spend an eternity in hell for what I have done. Stealing the innocence, going behind the orders back the way I did, breaking a promise, and worst of all, leaving my daughter. It took me a while but I believe this is the best path I could choose. Even if Chihiro does not understand, I'm sure she will someday. That girl is strong. Shes a fighter. I wasn't going to allow myself to hold her back anymore. For so long, I have held her hand through everything. Been her guide. Its time that she stands up on her own and moves forward. She will only do that if I'm not here...."

"...!!" Komui bit his lip hard at reading the last sentence. Shaking the tears away, he could feel a knot start to form in his stomach,

"So Komui, this is goodbye my friend. Thank you for all you've done and for what you will do in the future. The time I spent at the Order was truly wonderful. And tell Reever and the others I enjoyed the time we worked together. You have very good people working at that place. Farewell.
Signed Kyonshi Hoshakuji

"" Dropping the paper to the floor, Komui held his head as he finished crying. Reever looked down and Johnny ran off, crying. After a few seconds, Komui regained his composure and stood up,

"*sniff* ...Be sure that this note gets to Chihiro when they return." Komui picked the paper up and handed it back to Reever. Reever nodded and turned to walk out of the room. Stopping at the doorway, the section leader turned his head ever so slightly so Komui could hear his voice,

"....You know, when Kyonshi first began helping us scientists out, he would speak a lot of his wife who died soon after Chihiro was born. He told us that Chihiro was quite lonely as a child. She had no mother and since he raised her by himself, he had to hold a few jobs at the same time just to keep a house for them. So Kyonshi couldn't spend too much time with his daughter when she was growing up. He tried to be there when he could, of course, but sometimes it wasn't enough. He also said Chihiro was quite shy when she was little. She always played by herself, got bullied often, and never had any friends until she met Allen, in which, he was the only friend she ever had growing up. And even later on, her one best friend left her. After Allen went away, I guess Chihiro went into this crazy depression and didn't come out of it until like a year later. That girl...has had such a lonely, painful childhood. She never knew her mother. The little bit of family she had was gone a lot due to work. Allen, the only friend she ever had, left without even saying goodbye. Kyonshi was really all she had..." Reever turned back to face Komui. A tear rolled down his cheek, "...God only knows what state she'll be in when they return..."

Komui rubbed his neck, uncomfortably, "I know. We'll just have to help her cope with the loss in any way we can. We certainly can't send her to that other part of the order now that shes by herself. Even so, I intend to carry out Kyonshi's final request. We will protect her and she will continue to stay here at HQ...We WILL protect the part of Kyonshi's world that he left behind. Not just as members of the Black order but as Kyonshi's friends." Reever wiped his eyes and smiled,

"Couldn't have said it any better myself, Chief. Well, I better get back to work." Reever turned and made his way out of the room.

Komui waved, "I'll come help in a bit! Good luck...!" Komui looked to the floor where the paper had been a moment ago and resat himself in his chair. He took off his glasses and covered his eyes, ".........Oh Kyonshi..." Komui looked up as more tears came, "Please forgive me for dragging you two into this..."

~Somewhere else with the 3 akuma from earlier~

"Millennium Earl, our mission is complete."

"Kyonshi Hoshakuji is dead."

"Good work, you three. And the girl? Did she bond with her innocence?"

The akuma shook their heads. The Earl laughed,

"Good, good. Is she alive?"

"Yes, alive and despairing over her dead papa."

The Earl stood up from his seat, "Well all we have to do is wait..." The 3 akuma looked to their master and soon all of them were in an insane laughing fit...

~With Allen and the others, on their way back to the order~

"Chihiro...?" Lenalee touched Chi's shoulder and shook her gently. The girl didn't respond. She just sat in her seat, head down, as if she was totally lifeless like a zombie. Lenalee covered her mouth and looked to Allen in sadness. Allen frowned and shook his head,

"Oh Chihiro...." he sighed, "I am so sorry..." Another tear poured down Chihiro's face,

"....father..." Chihiro looked out the window and watched the rain fall on the window of the carriage. The girl opened her lips and began to sing, softly,

Yoru ni utaeba, yami ni nomarete
Asa no hikari ga sore wo terasu
Todokanai, sou jyanai
Tobira wa mou hirakareteru

"...?" Lavi looked to Krory and they both looked to Chi in shook. Allen swallowed big as Chihiro went on,

Mitasarereba, fuan ni natte
Naite ireba, sore mo shiawase ga
Soko kara mo, mou ichido
Tachiagaru, tanoshimi ga a-a---aru....

Chihiro's voice began to crack. The others could hear she was beginning to cry again.

Ah, fumikomu dake, omoi nigiri,
Suikomu dake, kono shousoukan mo
Anata ga ima koko ni iru riyuu wa
Kono amaoto ga shitteru...

Chihiro stopped singing and rested her head against the inside of the carriage. The others didn't say anything and kept to themselves. A few minutes passed. Lenalee noticed that the small crying sounds from Chi had stopped. The exorcist looked over to see that she was now asleep. Lenalee placed her hands into her lap and mumbled,

"...She cried herself to sleep..." Lenalees friends looked down in sorrow. Allen looked up at Chi,

'....Just looking at her from over here, she almost looks dead...' Allen held his head in agony as he flash backed to Kyonshi before he died,

"Please...take care of my little girl for me..."

Feeling as if he were going to begin crying again himself, Allen leaned back and shut his eyes.

'Kyonshi...' A loud roar of thunder came from outside. Allen clenched one of his knees, '...I....' And before he knew it, the exorcist boy had fallen into a deep sleep.

To be continued~

I apologize the ending sucked but I was rushing cause it was starting to storm when I was typing. Plus I didn't finish writing this at school today so I had to make the ending up at the last minute...And for those who don't know, the writing in the drawing is suppose to be part of the latter Komui is reading. Its written a little different from how I put it in the storyline but oh well. And the reason some of the words cut off is cause I wanted to keep the writing in the background of the work.

BTW sorry if I got Komui's hair color wrong. I looked at a screenshot when I did it but Idk if its the right shade x.x especially since in the other one I did of Komui, I gave him black hair. Oh well. And I just realized yesterday that I gave Chi the same last name as Renge from Ouran high school...I knew that name seemed familiar when I made Chi XDDD

Base used c) Komui from DGM
Komui and DGM c) Katsura Hoshino
Chi, Kyonshi, this story c) Me

NEXT PART:[link]
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youll have to watch ep 51-up in subbed because like i said it never got dubbed. im on ep 98 i watched 2 eps and i was shocked with what was very sad and gory. lucky
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