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March 8, 2012
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Ep 9: The Monster Within Me by albertxlailaxx Ep 9: The Monster Within Me by albertxlailaxx
Previous part: [link]

o3o Scary Emeara~ What could this mean? Read on and find out!

" it?" Emeara rose a brow to see the tall, spiky-haired man stand up and grin at her,

"That's me! Damn, that was close back there. Who knows what 'Daddy' would have done if he had got a hold of you." Greed sighed, rubbing his neck uncomfortably. After a moment, Greed averted his eyes back at Emeara who still sat in surprise on the ground, "What the hell is wrong with you? Get your ass up." Reaching out a hand, Greed yanked the petite girl up from the ground.

"Oh. Thank you..." Emeara rubbed the arm that had been yanked and then looked back at Greed with a confused stare, "Um...aren't you like those monsters from before? You referred to their father as your own so-"

Greed snarled in frustration, "Excuse me? I have way more class than those dumb asses! And another thing, I kick more ass than they do and am superior in every way! So don't even categorize me with those chumps."

Emeara frowned nervously, "Oh...than...I have another question. Why did you save me?"

A few seconds passed before Greed let out another sigh and looked away from Emeara, shoving his hands in his pockets as he did so, "Because I'm Greed, the avaricious. I didn't think it was fair that my brothers got a girl like you for themselves so I acted on my instincts and kidnapped you myself. I'm GREEDY. Hense my name."

Emeara's face softened at hearing the Homuclus' words. The girl turned away slightly, rubbing the side of her left arm, "Oh. That's true I guess. You-"

As Emeara opened her lips to finish her sentence, another memory flashed in her mind. She heard a gun shot, then screams. And from her point of view, she seemed as if she were falling off a building, blood pouring from her head. And finally the memory ended with the sound of a body hitting the ground hard. Terrified, Emeara stepped backwards, accidentally bumping into Greed's back in the process.

"Hey, watch it. " Greed huffed in an irritated tone. However, the man's expression changed when he saw the girl holding her head as if she were in pain, "What the...Hey. You alright?" Greed reached out a hand but it was quickly slapped away by Emeara. Greed's brows went down in anger, "What the hell is your pro-"

Greed froze. Emeara was staring at him now. Her hands no longer gripping her head as if she were in pain and she stood up straight. But...something was different. Emeara's expression had darkened and her pupils had grown small, so much so that she now looked psychotic because of it. Greed continued to stare back at the woman, sweat beginning to form on his head. The Xingese girl looked as if she had the intent to kill him right then and there.

"...What...are you?" The Homunculus stepped back and blinked for a moment. But in that moment he blinked, Greed thought he must have missed something.

Emeara's face was back to normal. Her face had lightened and gone back to its original color and her pupils were back to the way they were before. The girl frowned cutely and looked at the man in confusion,

"What's wrong, Greed?"

The Avaricious swallowed big and turned to run, "I don't know what the hell you are or why you looked like you did just now, but I think our time here is done. See ya!" And in a flash, Greed ran off, leaving Emeara by herself in an alley way.

Emeara stood there for a moment, puzzled, 'Why'd he run aw-'

At suddenly hear foot steps come to a stop behind her, Emeara slowly rotated her body and immediately froze at who she saw. Three figures stood before her. Two wore masks and armor, the other wore a yellow-ish jacket and baggy pants. She recognized them immediately,

"You're...those guys from Xing I met earlier today." Emeara spoke, pointing a finger towards Ling Yao. All three of them backed away, their eyes growing wider.

Just like before, Ling wore an expression of a mix of shock, confusion, terror, and somewhat guilt. Emeara frowned sadly as she stared at the three Xingese warriors/prince,

"...Why do you look so scared?"

...Ling didn't reply. However, being the oldest and knowing how they all felt, Fu removed his mask and walked towards the girl at a very slow, yet non-threatening pace,

"Please forgive us for our rude behavior from earlier." The old man bowed, "We are traveling warriors, in search for new ways to strengthen our alchemy back in our country." Fu lied through his teeth.

Emeara, seeming as if she believed it, frowned softly but understandingly, "Oh. But that doesn't answer my question..."

Now it was Lan Fan's turn to make up an excuse, "Well, um...we don't usually talk with other people from this country. We aren't very...educated on this language."

Now the three could tell by Emeara's face she was starting to believe they were lying,

"Really? You seem pretty good at speaking the Amestris language to me. And I'm Xingese as well. I think I might know some Xingese language so you can try to speak normally to me...and about you not usually talking with others from Amestris. You had lunch with Ed and Al earlier today."

Damn. Ling and the others had forgotten how perceptive Emeara was. That hadn't changed since she lost her memory, obviously. Swallowing big, and knowing it was up to him now, Ling walked up to Emeara so that he was close enough to trip her and make an escape if they needed to.

The prince cracked a slight smile and waved a hand in protest, "...As one of my vassles has already said, we apologize for our rude behavior. Allow me to properly introduce myself..." Ling anxiously held out a hand for Emeara to shake, "I am Prince Ling Yao. Twelfth son of the Xingese Empire."

Emeara smiled and shook Ling's hand, "It's nice to mee-"

A memory flashed in her mind once more; This time she saw herself, sitting in a dark room, staring at some circle thing drawn on the floor. She smiled as tears formed in her eyes. And then she began. The girl clapped her hands together in a way that seemed like she was praying. A bright flash of light went all around her and suddenly there was something appearing in the middle of the circle. Emeara's smile grew as she stared at the center of the circle, when all of a sudden...the blue light turned black and her eyes went wide with horror, but the smile still on her face. Suddenly, the door to the room burst open and a man with long black hair that seemed to resemble Prince Ling Yao stood in the door way,

"Emeara!" The man cried, his expression that of someone who seemed as if they had just had their heart ripped out of their chest. He quickly ran towards Emeara as fast as he could. When he finally reached her, the man pulled Emeara to his chest protectively and another light flashed.

Emeara blinked her eyes to see the light had disappeared and now blood covered the floor, walls, and herself. Trembling, Emeara looked towards something heavy that laid on her lap.

The man from earlier now rested his lifeless body on her knees, blood covering every part of him. The man opened his lips ever so slightly and mumbled in a very low tone,

"Thank're safe." And at that, Emeara felt the man breath a final breath. The Xingese girl stared down at the man for a moment, wide-eyed in disbelief, and then tears fell off her cheeks. Just like the in memory before,she whispered,

"I'm sorry...I'm so sorry. Please forgive me..."

And with that, the memory ended. Emeara's eyes softened again to see Ling and the others staring at her in concern. The girl faked a smile and turned away from them so that only her back was facing the others.

"Well then...I should be going now..." As Emeara stepped forward to walk away, Ling unthinkingly grabbed her arm and held her back,

"W-Wait. Are you o-" Ling felt his heart drop to his stomach when Emeara looked back at him.

Emeara's eyes grew wide and her expression went dark like before. Her pupils went back to growing so small that it made her look like a psycho and following shortly after, her entire face wore a look that was murderous. Ling snatched his hand away,

'That expression...' The Prince took a few steps backwards when he saw Emeara still had said look on her face. After a few more steps, Emeara rushed up close so that hers and Ling's faces were extremely close to one another's. The girl grabbed Ling by his collar as hard as she could,

"I'll kill anyone who gets in my way...that includes you, Ling."

Ling's eyes widened even more at the girl's words. Emeara lifted up a fist as if she were going to punch him when all of a sudden, Lan Fan came in between the two and sent Emeara flying to the ground. Emeara spit at her fellow Xingese people and ran away from them as fast as she could. Meanwhile, Ling held his head down. Fu walked to his granddaughter's side but glanced at the Prince,

"Young lord, are you alright? She didn't hurt you, did she?"

Ling shook his head slowly and then smiled sadly, "No...she didn't." Then he slid to the ground and rested his face in a hand, "But I kind of wish she had. It would have hurt less..."

A ways away now, Emeara breathed heavily as she leaned up against a wall, grabbing her head once more in agony,

"No...stop it. What's happening to me? Why did I threaten-" More memories flashed in Emeara's mind and she felt her face go murderous once more, "NO..STOP IT, DAMMIT! STOP IT! AHHH!" Emeara continued to scream until she finally passed out on the ground.

To be continued...

Base is from FMAB anime
Fullmetal Alchemist and its characters belong to Hiromu Arawkawa
Emeara is mine

NEXT PART:[link]
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warningyou Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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Greed couldn't take it and escaped, Ling was man enough to resist it.:nod:
This is awesome~~~ The lover of emeara was Ling's brother?
albertxlailaxx Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Actually, no. Shen wasn't related to Ling xD That would have been very cliche if he had been related xDDD But Shen does have a sibling that will show up later >> << >> .w.

Thank you so much for reading~!! :glomp:
warningyou Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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You are welcome~~~~~~:tighthug:
albertxlailaxx Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol he's suppose to look similar to Ling :giggle: That's the secret >w<

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warningyou Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
That someone else... maybe the twin of Shen???
hmm.. I am confused...
albertxlailaxx Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol Shen never had a twin :3 I'll reveal later who it is
silverfoxtaicho Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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kotatsusareepic Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
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kotatsusareepic Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
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