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July 16, 2012
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Ep 17: A New Team by albertxlailaxx Ep 17: A New Team by albertxlailaxx
Previous ep: [link]

I hate Gimp soooo much V_V I got this drawn and it looked great but Gimp locked up and I lost the first attempt at this. So now that it's my second attempt, I think Greed looks horrible in this. The first time he looked just right but technology hates me :P Either way, I hope you guys like this.

So, after being on hiatus for a few months, I finally decided to write the next part of Emeara's story. It's been some time since I last wrote so this part may not be that good. Honestly, I'm starting to run out of ideas for her but I'll try to keep writing for those who like Eme-chan. Eventually, I'll reveal everything about Shen and Naraku but that's for another time.


Review on what's happened recently: Edward and his friends had reunited with the girl they hadn't seen in months; Emeara Song. She had been kidnapped by the Homunculi as she was a human sacrifice to be used on the Promised Day. Due to her mental condition and great alchemy powers, she was imprisoned by Envy and kept in Father's home for two-three months where she was tortured. She later escaped when Greed had split from his brothers and left Central. After following Greed outside, Emeara made her way into a forest and soon met up with Edward, Darius, Heinkel, and ironically enough, Greed; All in whom had just joined forces with one another upon reunion. After meeting with them, Ed asked her to come along with them so she wouldn't be left alone. Emeara declined and tried to run off but collapsed. After she awoke from a horrible flashback-filled nightmare, Emeara ran off into the forest before Ed and the others could stop her. As she ran, she heard a voice mentally torment her, which put her in a state of shock. Eventually, Ed and the others catch up to her, only to find her in a horrible state. Okay, now beginning the new part...

"Emeara!" Edward Elric cried as he ran over to the distraught girl that now laid on the forest floor before him.

The Xingese girl made no response and covered her face with her hands. Ed sighed, leaning down and picking up the girl bridal style. Deciding it would be best to go back to his comrades, Ed made a B-line and headed back for the camp sight they had made an hour ago. Upon arrival, the two chimera men and Greed rose from the logs they had been sitting on. Ed did not look at them, but instead laid Emeara back down on a blanket and spoke,

"We'd better stay camping out here for the night. I don't think we'll get very far with her in this state."

After the Elric brother had finished speaking, he noticed Emeara had cried herself back to sleep. How typical, he thought, resitting himself on a worn out log.

Meanwhile, the two chimera frowned nervously and stared at the sleeping Xingese commoner. Knowing one of them had to ask, Heinkel elbowed Darius, telling him to ask and without argue, the gorilla man spoke up,

"Uh...hey kid," Darius began, sitting back down,

"What...?" Ed frowned, knowing what the chimera man was going to ask.

Darius anxiously nodded his head towards Emeara, "What's wrong with this girl...?"

"She seems to have some problems controlling her emotions." Heinkel stated in a blunt manner, followed by a nod from Greed.

Ed narrowed his eyes sadly but looked back up after a moment of pause, "Well, it's complicated..." The young alchemist pointed a metal finger at the Homunculus across from him; his expression turning serious, "I shouldn't have to explain it to you. Ling had to have told you why she's the way she is...right?"

A moment of silence arose between the human and the monstrous creature but soon after, the devilish smirk that Greed had held on his face dropped and his eyebrows went down in a somewhat sympathetic manner, "Yeah, he did." The man's red eyes wandered over to the sleeping girl, "She's been through hell, according to what the Prince has told me."

Again, the Elric brother nodded and then turned back to the chimera men, "I figure I should tell you guys about it, since she'll be traveling with us and everything-"

At the boy's words. Heinkel rose a hand in defense, "Woe. What a minute. She had denied that offer earlier, so why..."

"Because she's a friend."

Both chimera men flinched at Edward's words but they continued to listen,

"And cause...she's been kept in confinement by the other Homunculi. She has to be even more traumatized then before and,"

"So? That's not our problem." Darius huffed.

"You pity her, don't you, Fullmetal?" Heinkel finished, raising a knowing eyebrow at the short child.

Ed glared at both former-military men but chose not to respond. Instead, he crossed his arms and tried to ignore the remark; which only caused Heinkel to roll his eyes and continue on with his previous statement,

"Look, kid. Pitying her and caring about her at two different things. And from what I've heard tonight, you pity her. Plus, with how she acted earlier, whether it was from a nightmare or not, I don't think it'd be a good idea to have someone like her along for the ride-"

At that, Ed jumped up from his seat, screaming at both men to shut up. They obeyed and let him continue on,

"Emeara can't just go off on her own. She's already lonely enough as it is. Besides, this isn't her home country and she has amnesia. Not only that, but she has a split personality and the bad side of her tends to get her into trouble at times. With all that she's been put through, we should give her at least one chance to travel with us. She knows alchemy and can fight; She was a bodyguard for Ling after all. So she could prove to be helpful to us..."

Both chimera sighed again, shaking their heads; thinking the Elric brother didn't understand the matter at hand.

"Kid," Darius rubbed the bridge of his nose with two fingers and went on, "I just don't know. Look, we'll listen to that story you were gonna tell us. But that may not change our feelings about this matter."

Ed resat himself and looked at the men with glowing eyes, "Just listen to me, okay? It's important that you two know this before you decide she can come or not."

Greed looked from the three men and rose a brow, "And isn't the decision whether she can come along or not suppose to be made by me? I am the boss here..."

Ignoring the Homunuclus, Ed took a deep breath and went on to tell them of Emeara's story.

An hour soon passed and with that, the Elric boy was finished with Emeara's story. The two chimera sat, staring at the campfire before them with widened eyes,

"You gotta be kidding me. All that happened to a little girl like her?" At a nod from Ed, Darius shook his head, "That's...just messed up."

Heinkel stared at the ground as he held back an agreeable nod. After a moment of gathering his thoughts, the mustached-man spoke up, "So, first she lost her twin sister and then her boyfriend? Then she nearly died and ended up losing her memories when she came to Amestris. Not only that, but she has a split personality and blames herself for everything that's happened?"

Again, Ed nodded. Heinkel rose his brows and sighed,

"It certainly is easy to feel sorry for her then."

Ed grunted inward, still annoyed by the old man's claim of pity. Still, the alchemy student knew that since the two now had an understand of Emeara's past, that maybe they would come to reason.

"Look," Ed begun, running his fingers through his golden hair, "I know she seems crazy. And she attacked and nearly killed a childhood friend of hers for no good reason a while back. But despite all the shit she's been put through and all the shit she's done in her life...No one, not even the worst scum of the earth, deserves to be left alone. Whether she's truly insane or not, I still think of her as a friend, dammit."

A small smile crept up Greeling's face as he held up a hand in attempt to hide it; but the smile only grew in size as the Fullmetal Alchemist went on with his speech,

"She has no one in this country. No family, and she sure as hell doesn't believe she has friends. Ever since her sister died, she's felt like she's been alone. All the crap that has happened is in her past, and it'll stay that way. This could be a new start and we should-"

"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, Enough of your snappy babbling, kid. We'll let her come along." Darius chuckled, shaking his head at seeing a big grin come to Ed's face.

"Thanks! You guys won't regret this, I promise!"

"Yeah, Yeah..." Heinkel sighed as he watched the blonde-haired teen run around in circles as if he were coffee-high.

Just as Ed went to wake Emeara from her sleep, Darius grabbed his shoulder and gave him a serious glare,

"Remember one thing, though. If she tries to attack or kill us in any way; or even screw up our plans, she's gone."

Ed's smile turned knowing, "Got it."

At that, the boy reached for the girl again but stopped when he came to a sudden realization. Greed hadn't said anything on the matter yet.

'Ah hell...' He grunted, clenched his automail to his head, 'Well, with Ling inside, maybe I can persuade Greed to let her come.'

"Hey Greed." Ed called out, turning towards the black-haired homunculi.

A smirk appeared on Greed's face as he crossed his arms, "That's boss to you."

"Whatever," Ed waved a hand, dismissing the nickname, "How do you feel about this? Can she come?"

The Elric brother could feel sweat dripping down his face as he stared into the red orbs that belonged to the homunculi before him. A moment of silence passed for a few seconds and finally, Greed's smirk turned into a smile as he shrugged,

"Ah, what the hell. The prince would never shut up if I didn't let her come with us anyways. And if what you said about her being a fighter is true, then that'll be a big help for me."

Ed repeated his thanks and turned back to Emeara who had suddenly awoken from her slumber,

"Emeara. You alright?" Ed asked, bending down.

The girl said nothing and rose from her seat. And just like before, without even a warning, Emeara began to walk away from them and into the forest. However, this time, Greed grabbed the girl by her arm,

"Hey, hey, where do you think you're going? The alchemist just BEGGED me to let you travel with us and I agreed." The homunculus's smile turned twisted and insane as he got closer to the girl and bent forward so that his face was only inches away from hers, "Of course that is under the condition that you be my henchman too."

As Greed's smirk grew even larger, Emeara's expression did not change in the slightest and her eyes stared back at him, emotionless.

"Emeara," Ed began, walking towards the girl and homunculus, "We want you to come with us."

Emeara's emotionless face turned angry at the Elric's words and her eyebrows went down in anger,

"No. I already told you, I don't want to...and I don't want your pity-"

"Then do it for Amestris!" Ed shouted, stepping forward.

Emeara froze on spot, her green eyes widening at the boy as he continued on,

"Dammit, that bearded bastard is going to screw us all over unless we do something before the Promised day! We need as much help as we can get and despite all the crap you've been put through, you know alchemy and we could use your help. So could you please get over yourself for five seconds and help us out by coming with us, dammit?"

After the Elric had finished, Darius and Heinkel exchanged surprised looks with Greed and then looked towards Emeara; showing they had agreed with what Ed had just said. Emeara frowned hard, as she narrowed her eyes; thinking back to when she had attacked her friend Lan Fan a few months prior.

"But I...I'm a monster, Ed. Why would you-"

"Ah, so what?" Greed laughed, shrugging in amusement and then pointing a thumb at himself, "I'm even more so a monster then you and ya don't see me complaining, do ya? Besides, I told you before..." Greed's twisted smirk fell to a frown as he locked his demonic red eyes on the girl before him, "You don't look like a monster to me."

At that moment, blush came over the Xingese girl's face and she fiddled with her fingers in embarrassment,


At noticing the girl's now-reluctant answer, Edward appeared in front of Emeara and grasped her shoulders so she'd look at him,

"Please Emeara. If anything, come with us to save this country. I know it isn't your homeland but I'm asking you as a friend...please help us. Then you can leave if you want. But, hell, you have a score to settle with that bearded bastard too, remember?"

Emeara's eyes widened even more and then looked over to Greed, only to see him nodding at her,

"And don't forget about Envy. Remember all that crap he did to you when you were imprisoned?"

"All of which you did nothing to stop," Ling suddenly whispered from inside his body causing Greed to momentarily get a look of annoyance.

A moment of silence passed and then Emeara gently brushed Edward's hands away from her. Disappointment painted itself over the others faces like a plague but was soon wiped away by the determined look burning in Emeara's eyes,


Ed shot a look of surprise at the girl in front of him and a small smile found its way up his face,


Emeara smiled warmly at the teen, "Yes. I'll come with you guys. But only to repay you for what kindness you've already given me.," She then turned to Greed with a blushing face, "I' your henchman...if you want me to be..."

Ed, Darius, and Heinkel grinned from ear to ear and high-fived one another while Greed smirked down at Emeara,

"A'ight, babe. You're on Team Greed now. Which means you gotta follow my rules. What I say goes and if you want to do or say something, you gotta take it up with me first. I'm the boss here so..."

As Greed continued on with his rant, him and Emeara started off down the dirt road in front of them; Darius, Heinkel, and Ed trailing behind them. One thought came over Ed's mind as they all started off on their journey together,

'Things just got more interesting.'

To be continued...

Took me FOREVER to write this part and now I'm burned out on writing this story. So I MAY end up changing the way I do these things. I MAY just write the storyline in summary form instead of fic form so it won't take as long. But I'm still deciding on that so nothing's written in stone. Hope you guys liked this part and are still interested in Emeara. Plz comment guys

Base used is by :iconspecialkase:
Background found on Google and DOESN'T BELONG TO ME
Fullmetal Alchemist and its characters belong to Hiromu Arakawa
Emeara is mine
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I have a lot of the next part written but Idk when I'll post it. And thank you very much.
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