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Ep 15: Remebering Things Best Forgotten by albertxlailaxx Ep 15: Remebering Things Best Forgotten by albertxlailaxx
Previous part: [link]?

This was very fun to draw 83 I love how it turned out XD I got both the storyline and drawing done in one day. Woo~

This chapter will take place in episode 44 of the FMAB anime and chapter 82 of the manga; Specifically where Greed gains his memories back. Its a few months after Ling became Greed and Emeara is still trapped down under central with Father and the other Homunculi. Meanwhile, Greed is getting use to "new life" here in his home. That is until he regains memories that make him realize that he shouldn't be there. Okay, so starting off with Emeara in her prison cell...


"Here's your slop for the day." Envy mused, dropping the tray of expired food into the cell Emeara sat in.

The girl didn't reply anything back but instead crawled over to the food and began eating it; Just like a wild animal kept in its cage. At seeing the girl's pathetic actions, Envy laughed at her and turned to the man that sat in a chair behind him.

"Can you believe that?" Envy started with a grin as he pointed to Emeara with his thumb, "She's even more of an animal now then she was when we first brought her here! Ha ha ha!"

The man sitting in the chair was none other then Greed the avaricious. Father had made him tour the whereabouts with his brother Envy a lot ever since he had been reborn. According to Father, it was the best way for him to "re-educate" his son on how to be a good Homunculus. Or so Father had said.

As Envy went on to tease the poor girl in her cell with various names and actions, such as stealing her food and throwing it in her face; Greed simply watched the scene play out with a frown on his face. Inside, he knew Ling could see what was happening and was aware that the more Envy did, the more pissed the Xingese prince became.

"Dammit Greed. Tell your brother to stop or I'll take back my body and..."

"Ah, shut up Ling. Envy's just having fun." Greed whispered to his avarice in a low tone as he continued to watch Envy and Emeara.

Ling's eyes widened in anger and he gritted his teeth to suppress the urge from screaming, "I'm warning you. Emeara is my friend. If he harasses her ANYMORE, I'll-"

"UGH. ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT." Greed groaned in annoyance as he stood up and walked over to grab Envy's wrist.

At feeling his younger brother take hold of him, Envy looked back with a dark glare on his face, "What the hell? Let me go!"

Greed shook his head and pulled Envy upward so he could stand, "You play too much. We should probably be getting back to Father."

Envy grinned evilly at the avaricious man, "What a daddy's boy you are, Greed. If you want to go back, be my guest. I'm gonna stay here a while longer and tease this bitch." At that, Envy leaned back down, took part of the ham from her tray, put it in his mouth and chewed, and then spit it back in her face.

"Gross..." Greed mustered as Envy laughed loudly at Emeara who didn't seem to care what was being done to her.

Feeling there was no point to try and talk to him any longer, Greed made his way to the door. As he did so, Ling screamed back at him in fury,


"I can't. So shut up already, you brat." Greed snarled back, twitching his nose in anger.

Right as he got to the door and opened it, Greed looked over his shoulder at Envy who now seemed to be ripping off Emeara shirt and calling her more names.

"...Tch." Greed's expression turned to disgust as he walked out of the cell with a look of what seemed like guilt on his face. As the Homunculus walked down the hall, he could still hear Envy's laughter. And soon following it, a scream.

"What the..." Greed jumped and turned back after hearing the loud scream, "The hell was-"

Inside, Ling had heard the same scream and couldn't just ignore it, "Greed! You get your ass back there right now!"

The homunculus bit his lip before turning back around and starting down the hall again. Greed's ignorance infuriated the prince even more, as impossible as that seemed at this point seeing as he was already very angry with the actions of the Homunculi and what they had done to his childhood friend before now.

"Greed. You have to-"

Another scream echoed from back in the room that lead to Emeara's jail cell. Greed ignored it this time and kept going. But the farther he got down the hall, the louder and more terrible the screams from Emeara became. What the hell was Envy doing to her down there anyways? It almost sounded like physical torture, which was forbidden by Father due to the fact that they had to keep her alive for the Promised day.

As he kept walking, Greed could feel the young prince attempt to take control of his body back. However, Greed was too strong and prevented him from doing so. Eventually Ling gave up but not before making a request from the thing that now controlled his body,

"Greed. Please. At least go back and check on her. I'm begging you."

At hearing the desperation in the young lord's voice, a big smirk came to Greed's face and he rose a brow highly, "Man, you're growing really pathetic. Begging me now? That's not gonna fly-"

"Please!" Ling cried, standing up in the void he was in that was surrounded by millions of screaming spirits that inhabited the Philosopher's stone at Greed's core, "Its not much to ask. I know I can't make you and maybe I am pathetic but Emeara is important to me and..."

"Alright, fine. But you owe me." Greed mumbled, turning around and going back to the prison part of Father's home.

A few minutes later, Greed had made it back to the prison chamber. Opening the door, the homunculus stepped inside and moved to make his way over to the cell itself; However, what he saw caused him to freeze on the spot.

Envy had changed his appearance to a man that resembled the prince inside Greed and Emeara was under him, horrified. Envy had taken off all of Emeara's clothes and now she lay stark naked under Envy's transformed self as he bit her and cut her with a small knife he made from his hand.

"Now, Now, Shen doesn't like it when you struggle." Envy mumbled in a deeper voice that didn't sound like his own.

Emeara groaned in agony and tried to push him off but soon had her throat cut with the knife and ceased her cries for help. Envy smiled and pressed his lips up against the girl's neck before pretending to kiss it.

"Good girl, Emeara. Shen likes it when you behave."

Under her breath, Emeara mumbled sadly, "You're not Shen..."

"Oh really?" Envy started, grabbed Emeara by her cheek and forcing her to look at him. Envy's twisted expression disappeared and he smiled just as Shen used to when Emeara had known him. The warm smile was the same...but unlike Shen's, it wasn't real.

"...Get off me!" Emeara finally screamed as she punched Envy in the face, sending him flying out of her prison cell. After Envy hit the wall and fell to the floor, the girl glared at Envy with the demonic stare she was well known for.

"Damn BRAT." Envy growled, transforming back into his usual form.

Emeara's expression didn't fall and she turned to Greed for a moment. At seeing her scary face, Greed stepped back and all of a sudden, something appeared in his mind. Something familiar. Something like...a MEMORY.

"What?" Greed asked himself as he felt his head as the memory disappeared.

Meanwhile, Emeara grabbed her ripped clothes off the floor and retreated back into her cell. Envy stood up and slammed the door shut and stormed out of the chamber, pissed off to the point of wanting to kill. Greed looked from the door and then to the prison cell. For a moment, he thought it would be good to just leave now but Ling had asked him to make sure she was alright. And so, though reluctant, Greed walked up to the cell and peered in at the girl through the metal bars,


Emeara didn't answer. She was now sitting in a corner with her bare back facing the homunculus. Greed rubbed his neck very uncomfortably and thought for a moment as to what he would say to her despite what had just happened. After thinking for a few more seconds, he spoke up again,

"Are you..." Before he could finish his sentence, the same memory from earlier flashed in his mind," Agh!" Greed moaned before stepping back a ways away from the cell.

Emeara turned around slightly and looked at Greed with concern, "A...Are you alright?" When she noticed Greed leaning on the table to the side of the chamber, she rose and walked over to the cell door (after covering her body of course).

"Greed?" Emeara called again. Greed held his head with a hand and tried to stand up straight but couldn't. The girl's eyes widened when she saw him stumble and nearly fall to the floor.

"D-Damn..." Greed mumbled as he picked himself up and leaned against the cell doors.

"What's the matter?" Emeara asked, trying to touch Greed's head for a fever. The homunculus quickly slapped her hand away and stormed out just as Envy had. Emeara just stood in her cell, dumbfounded as to what had just happened.

Outside the chamber now, Greed leaned against a wall, panting as he shut his eyes.

"What...was that?" Greed asked, opening his eyes, trying to think back on what had flashed in his mind, "I can't remember now. Damn."

Deciding to ignore the thought from now on, Greed shoved his hands into his pockets and began patrolling the tunnels for any intruders.


Hours later, Envy had returned to the prison chamber with Father. Emeara had not spoken a word to either of them when they had entered but that wouldn't stop them from trying to talk to her.

"Alright, get out here." Envy demanded, opening the doors to the prison.

Confused, Emeara stood up but didn't exit. Impatient, Envy grabbed her by the arm and yanked her out of the cell himself. After he let go of her, Emeara rubbed her arm and looked to Father.

"Um...What is this about?" The Xingese commoner asked, shyly.

Father stared at her for a moment before he turned to Envy, nodded, and then walked out. Still confused, Emeara eyed Envy for an answer ,who, in the end, simply muttered a "Follow me" and led her into the tunnel ways outside of the prison chamber.

As the two of them continued down the mysterious, eerie tunnel, Emeara swallowed her breath and asked the question she had been wanting to ask for the past few minutes,

"Where are we going?"

"Shut up, you slut." Were the only words Envy spoke. He was obviously still angry from the punch earlier.

Rolling her eyes, Emeara followed behind the girly homunculus. After a few more minutes, Envy finally answered her question,

"If you MUST know, Father asked me to take you to Wrath in Central. I don't know why but he-" Before he could finish, Envy was interrupted by the sound of crashing and banging.

The Xing girl jumped and looked in the direction where the sounds had come from, "What was..."

"Probably Greed after an intruder. He said he had seen someone roaming around the tunnels earlier. Leave it be. It's not for you to get involved with."

Emeara did as she was told and tried to ignore the sounds coming from the opposite direction she and Envy were headed. However, the farther they went, the louder the sounds became and the more curious the girl got.

'Greed seemed like he was in pain earlier...' The Song member looked back again and heard an unfamiliar scream followed by Greed's usual laughter. She sweat dropped, 'Guess he's fine now though...'

"Hurry up!" Envy shouted from a few feet ahead of her.

"" Emeara was about to pick up her pace when, in turn, she did the opposite and stopped dead in her tracks. She hadn't realized it until now the first time in months, she had finally left that damn prison cell. Given it was where she belonged but...but she was free for the moment. And it felt good.

"What the hell are you doing?" Envy screamed in anger at her.

Emeara could feel her lips begin to curl upward when she got an idea. The teen pointed in the opposite direction Envy was looking, "The intruder!" Emeara stomped her foot on the floor to make a sound as if someone was there with them.

Envy's eyes widened and he turned around, "What-"

There was no one there.

"Hey, there's no one..." Envy turned back to face his prisoner; However, when he turned back around, Emeara was no where to be seen.

The jealous homunculus felt himself begin to sweat, " did she...?"

Down the tunnel, Emeara hid behind a wall. As she quietly made her way down the tunnel, back in the direction she and Envy had came, she heard the palm tree-haired homunculus scream her name which caused a slight giggle to escape the girl's lips.

'While its true I probably do belong in that cell, I don't wanna go back. Not after what I've been put through with Envy's insults and abuse. Besides...' Emeara thought back to what Greed had told her when she had met him in the prison chamber,

"You don't look like a monster to me."

Emeara slightly smiled as she crept around the corner of the tunnel, "...What he said reminded me a little of Shen."

After going a little ways more into the tunnel, Emeara suddenly heard the familiar voice of Greed. Gasping and fearing that if she were caught, she'd be taken back to her cell, Emeara hid behind the wall but peaked out from the corner so she could see what Greed was doing.

He was standing in front of a bald, odd-looking man with a lizard's tail. The man seemed to be beaten up pretty badly and was bleeding in several places. Emeara concluded that this odd person was the intruder Envy had spoken of earlier. The girl from Xing silenced her own thoughts when she heard the weird man speak,

"Those eyes...That condescending laugh...That attitude...How dare you mock Mr. Greed?" The lizard man yelled back at Greed who laughed in return.

" 'Scuse me? I AM Greed." The Homunculus replied, a big grin on his face as he tapped his chest with two fingers.

"But that...that can't be..." The lizard man started.

Greed smiled and spoke his signature quote, "I'm Greed, the avaricious. I want money and power. Sex, status..."

"YOU WANT THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE!" The man outburst at Greed.

The smile immediately fell from the homunculus' face, "Huh? Alright, Who are you?"

" can't be. How is it possible?"

Greed opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by something flashing in his mind again. Emeara noticed the homunculus lunge backwards and touch his head. She knew what that meant all too well. And then she remembered what Envy had told her when she first meet Greed after he had taken Ling's body,

"Father suppressed the first Greed's memories. He won't know you."

The girl suddenly had a very bad feeling in the pit of her stomach as she continued to watch.

Greed repeated his previous question, "I asked you who you are. Now answer." The homunculus' tone was unusually serious. Something was defiantly wrong.

The bald man shook his head slowly and looked at Greed, miserably, "H...How can you not remember me if you're Greed? You haven't been gone from Dublith long enough to forget!"

Greed pounded his fist lightly in his hand, "Oooh~ That's right! You're from Dublith!"

A smile finally came to the lizard man's face, "Y-You remember me now?"

Emeara's eyes widened in horror when she saw Greed activate his ultimate shield and plunge his arm through the other man's chest, most likely stabbing his hand through his heart in the process.

Greed's expression darkened and turned cold, "Afraid not. Sorry, but you and I have never met."

The man that had been stabbed through the chest by Greed coughed violently before he began to fall to the floor, tears streaming down his face, "B...But Mr. Greed...We're...friends..." At that, the man fell to the floor, dead.

Emeara covered her mouth and looked away from the scene with tears threatening to spill for the first time in months. Daring not to look back at him, Emeara heard Greed speak in a quiet tone,

"I'm sorry about this. Really." Greed's smile fell again when he noticed his hand was shaking, "What the...?"

Emeara swallowed and decided to take a chance again. She looked behind the corner to see Greed was holding his head again. Only now he was screaming and crying out in pain.

"AGH...AGHHHH!" The homunculus stumbled back and then fell to the floor, slamming his head into the floor beside the dead man, "NO...T...THEY AREN'T..."

"G-Greed?" Just as Emeara was about to go out and confront the Avaricious man, Greed screamed again, causing her to retreat back in fear. Now the teen could only watch as Greed totally lost it.

"Y...You don't understand! I-I DIDN'T...!" Greed groaned, his body trembling as if he were as terrified as Emeara was at that moment.

What Greed said next shocked Emeara and had cleared her previous suspicions;


"I-I knew it...!" Emeara mumbled to herself, "I knew from how he was holding his head earlier...that he must have been having flashbacks and-"

Just then, Greed picked up the dead man and screamed as loud as he could.

Emeara could hold it in no more. Without another thought, the girl pounded both of her arms into the wall and opened her mouth widely as tears spilled down her face. Meanwhile, through her gasps for breath and tears, she could hear Greed still groaning and crying in agony. She knew his pain all too well. She knew who that guy Greed had killed was. He must have been a friend to the first Greed and sadly, the new Greed had not realized it until it was too late. Now there was no going back and he would forever have to live with the guilt. And the girl knew that when Greed was screaming to himself a moment ago, it must have meant Ling was yelling at him from the inside, probably for killing his friend. And now Greed had remembered everything. His past life, friends, probably even when he had met her for the first time. But that didn't matter now. Emeara knew the kind of pain Greed was suffering. And the only thing she could think to do at that point, was to cry as hard as she possibly could until the point she could cry no more.


At hearing Greed suddenly speak up, the girl pulled herself together and looked back at Greed who slowly laid his dead friend on the floor and stood up with clenched fists at his sides. In a monstrous, murderous tone, Greed spoke again,

"Bradley...he was the one...he..." Greed looked up with a terrifying expression of fury on his face, "I'll kill him...I'LL KILL HIM...BRADLEY!"

At that, Greed took off down the tunnel screaming threats about King Bradley. When Emeara was sure he was gone, she walked around the corner and over to the corpse Greed had left behind. The Xingese teen leaned down to see that the man still had his eyes open wide. In respect for his ended life, Emeara brought up a hand and closed his eyes gently. Then she stood up and clenched her chest hard as more tears streamed down her face. Finally, she whispered to Greed's friend,

"Please forgive him...I know that I have no right to ask that of you but...but he didn't know. When you don't have memories of your past, it..." Emeara tightened her grip on her chest as she choked, "It hurts...!"

When she had finally stopped her crying, Emeara wiped her eyes and picked up the dead man. Remembering which direction Greed had gone, Emeara ran with the dead man down the tunnel. After a few minutes, she saw a light and was suddenly outside. Emeara laid the dead man down and coughed a few times as she tried to catch her breath. Once she did, the girl examined the wide, blue sky that she had not seen in months now overlooking her,

"'s beautiful. I forgot what being outside was like." Emeara turned back to the dead man and smiled sadly, "Don't worry...I'll bury you for Greed."

And with that Emeara picked him back up and walked into a forest to find a peaceful place to bury the dead half-man, half-chimera she now carried in her arms.

To be continued...

Bases used for Emeara is by :iconfirelover99:
Base used for Greed was from the FMAB anime. The original base IS NOT MINE.
The storyline and some of the quotes from when Greed kills Bido and gains his memories back are from the FMAB anime and manga and the idea IS NOT MINE.
Greed, Bido, Envy, Ling and FMA belong to Hiromu Arakawa
Emeara is mine

NEXT PART:[link]
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