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Ep 11: Never Be Afraid To Cry by albertxlailaxx Ep 11: Never Be Afraid To Cry by albertxlailaxx
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Finally, another Ep uploaded. For the most part, I like this storyline but I think the flashback I added in it is rly random. Gomen.

The main thing I don't like is Shen didn't turn out right. He just looks...idk. For one, he looks far too old. I meant for him to look, at the most, 19 but he looks older than that to me. Secondly, he doesn't look like Ling Yao. Shen is suppose to be pretty identical to Ling, minus the slit eyes (because I decided to go ahead and not give Shen those slit eyes...) but he doesn't look it. So I'll make an excuse and blame it on the wind that's blowing his hair in this for him not looking like he's suppose to.

And...I'll eventually explain why Emeara goes insane off and on and why she seems to have a dark side. For now, just bare with me ^^;


"EMEARA!" Edward shouted, running up to the window and sticking his head out it. Sweat dripped off his face like a stream as he looked in every direction with his eyes, searching for any sign of Emeara.

"Brother? Do you see her?" Alphonse asked frantically as he joined Ed's side.

Ed clenched his teeth hard, "No...I don't see her anywhere, Al..." Wait...he hadn't looked downward yet. The Fullmetal Alchemist felt a knot form in his stomach. He was afraid to look down, in fear that there might be a bloody, horrific corpse lying on the ground below. Still, he had to.

Taking in a deep breath, Ed swallowed big and looked down quickly. There was nothing there. Ed sighed and took a step away from the window, shaking his head. Thinking his brother may have missed something, Al repeated Ed's actions only in the end to come up with the same conclusion his brother had: Emeara had disappeared.

At that moment, the door burst open revealing Fu, Ling, Roy, and Riza standing there in the door way.

"What the hell happened?" demanded Roy who angerly walked over to the Elric brothers. Ed and Al kept their heads held down. Roy's expression turned even more pissed, "WHAT HAPPENED, ELRIC?" This time Roy grabbed Ed by his collar.

Ed shut his eyes tight as his eyebrows trembled. In a quiet mumble, the brother whispered, "Emeara woke up...and she said she remembered...her sister."

Ling and Fu's eyes widened at Ed's last few words. However, they said nothing in spite of it and Ed continued,

"She went nutts and jumped out the window. Now we don't know where she is..."

Roy let out a loud grunt and pushed Ed away as he turned and walked back to the other room in annoyance. Riza exchanged a look with Alphonse before following after the Colonel. Meanwhile, Ling and Fu turned to Ed with a sad yet questionable look.

The Prince and his bodyguards had joined Ed and Al in returning to their hotel after they had found Emeara passed out on the streets. Lan Fan had gone outside to scope for any danger that might come up while Ling and Fu explained Emeara's past to Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye. Now, the prince, Fu, and the Elric brothers all stood in awkward silence in the bedroom.

"...She...said she remembered Naraku?" Ling asked hesitantly, breaking the silence.

Ed rose a brow for a moment but then put on a look of realization, "Oh Naraku. That must be her sister's name, right?"

Ling nodded. Ed smiled sadly,

"I see. Yeah, I remember. Before Emeara jumped out the window, she kept screaming 'Naraku! Naraku! Sissy~' and other stuff like that. She was pretty upset..." Ed looked at the floor and then back up with a serious look, "How'd her sister die anyways?"

Now Ling and Fu looked as if they could cry. At seeing their expressions, Al elbowed Ed in the stomach and bowed apologetically to the prince and his guard,

"I'm so sorry for my brother's ignorant behavior. You don't have to tell us if you-"

"No. It's alright. It's probably for the best that you two hear this..." Fu stated, walking over to Emeara's bed and taking a seat. Ling soon joined him but said nothing and instead turned his head away from the Elric brothers.

Both Elrics exchanged looks and then went over and sat in the chairs across from the bed they had been previously residing in before Emeara had awakened. Seeing that they were ready to listen, Fu took a deep breath and explained the whole past, in detail, to the boys. When it was all over, both brothers looked to the floor. Ed held his head in his hands and Alphonse clenched his metal knees hard.

"Damn...that sounds violent. And for that to happen to a little girl too. First her sister and then her lover Shen...? Who else has Emeara lost?" Ed asked, looking up at Fu, his eyes shining bright. The elder let out a sigh and turned his head to the side,

"She never knew her mother. She died after having both Emeara and Nara. No one knows what happened to Emeara's father. Whether he just disappeared or died, I don't know. Emeara and Nara were raised by their aunt who died when they were five. And then they were taken in by their grandparents who were both killed when they went to Ishval one summer. That was the year of the Ishvalin war, as you people call it. The Song twins were about eight when that happened. After that, they were the only ones left of their clan alive."

Al looked up in surprise and shot up from his chair, "What? Wait, then since Naraku is dead...that means..."

Now it was Ling's turn to jump in. The prince looked at the others seriously, nodding, "Yeah. Emeara is the last living member of her clan. If she were to die, then the Song clan would be forever extinct."

Ed bit down on his lip hard, trying to suppress the anger building up within him, "Ngh...dammit. Why the hell did all that crap have to happen to someone like Emeara? No wonder she goes insane every now and again. I would too if I was in her place..." Ed sighed, crossing his arms and sinking back in his chair.

Fu smiled sadly, "Yes. It is easy to feel sorry for her, isn't it?"

Ed shot a glare at the old man before him and then rose a brow, "What is that suppose to mean? Don't you and the prince here feel bad for her? I mean, come on," Ed stood up and looked at Ling, "You and Lan Fan were childhood friends with Emeara and Nara. How could you NOT feel-"

"Because that isn't going to help Emeara." Ed froze at Ling's words.

The prince repeated Ed's actions by standing up and clenched his hands into fists that he held at his sides, "We all found out a long time ago that just feeling 'sorry' for her isn't going to change the fact that all that crap happened to her in the first place. Everyone else in Xing already either feels sorry or looks down on Emeara because she is a member of the Song clan. And whether she is the last living member or not doesn't matter. Because in Xing, she is considered nothing more then mere trash thrown in with the rest of society. Because her clan is so low-class. Feeling sorry for her would be no different then treating her like the other members of Xing treat her. And its because we're Emeara's friends that we're not going to treat her like that. She deserves better."

Both Ed and Al were stunned at Ling's words and how sincere he made them sound. Ed's expression saddened once more and he resat himself in his chair.

"You're right...I agree. I do. Sorry..." The alchemist shoved his hands into his pockets and closed his eyes, "It's just...when we first met Emeara, she was living in such horrible conditions. We always thought she had lived a hard life but we never would have thought that you knew her, Ling. Though I am thankful for that..."

Ling looked at his friend in bewilderment. Al nodded towards his brother and picked up where Ed left off,

"Me too. You, Lan Fan, and Fu could seem almost like your a family to Emeara. You've all been together for so long, that it's a given you guys would be close. Emeara may have gone through all that but at least she has you all by her side to keep her company. So, it isn't like she's had to deal with this all on her own. That puts my heart a little at ease"

"...Ngh!" At that moment, without saying even a word, Ling rushed out the door at full speed. At seeing the prince storm out, Fu jumped up from the bed,

"Young lord! Wait!" But Ling didn't return. In fact, a moment after he had walked out of the bedroom, the three heard the front door to the hotel room open and close too. Ling had left.

Ed blinked a couple of times and then looked to Fu for answers, "What the hell was that about?"

Fu sighed and resat himself on the bed before resting his head in his hands, "...The young lord still blames himself for what happened."

Ed and Al frowned. Fu continued,

"Ever since that incident years ago, both the young lord and granddaughter haven't been able to talk to Emeara as they once did. Both tend to put up a barrier, so to speak, when they're around her because they both feel guilt for Naraku's death. When in truth, it was nobodies fault...well maybe that isn't entirely true." Fu clenched his teeth tight, "Maybe...I'm the one who is to blame for what happened."

Ed's eyes widened at the old man's claim, "You? But you didn't know that Naraku was going to get hit by that drunk driver. It was a tragedy just like you said. No one saw it coming-"

"But I knew something was wrong when I watched her walk out into the street!"

Alphonse lowered his head, sadly, "But Mr. Fu, it wasn't like you killed her. You just said it was nobodies fault and it isn't. Especially not yours. You shouldn't blame yourself..."

Fu stood up and turned so that his back was facing both of the boys. The elder walked to the doorway and slightly turned his head, "I appreciate the kind words, boys. But such things won't erase the past. Farewell for now." And at that, Fu exited the room and after, the hotel itself.

Alphonse rubbed his neck uncomfortably and Ed grunted.

"Damn it." Ed sighed and looked to the doorway, "Well, we'd better go talk to the Colonel. Otherwise he'll get even angrier."

Al nodded in agreement and the two brothers went to go speak with the higher rank military officer.

Outside the hotel, Ling walked down an alleyway in silence. After sensing a familiar chi, the Xingese teen spoke up,

"Lan Fan. Did you find her?"

Out of the darkness, Ling's most trusted bodyguard descended with a nod and then pointed to a figure sitting on the ground near her.

"She jumped out the window earlier so I caught her before she hit the ground. As soon as she saw me, she went silent and has refused to speak since." Lan Fan removed her mask as she rarely did, a sad expression coming across the girl's face, "She did tell me that she remembered who we are and who Naraku was..."

Ling looked away, "I know. Ed already gave Fu and I the details. Apparently she had a flashback in the form of a dream. She relived that day when she first met us and then, when her sister was killed." The prince walked up to his guard and then shot a look at Emeara who had her head buried into her knees. Ling exchanged a look with Lan Fan then turned away. Seeing this, Lan looked to her prince in concern,

"Young lord?"

"Keep an eye on her for me...I'll be back." Ling mumbled before walking off down the alleyway.

Lan Fan gulped and glanced back at her childhood friend. Now things had grown even more awkward then before.

"Um..." The Xingese girl looked down at Emeara who still had her head buried into her knees. Lan Fan looked away, sweating.

'What the hell should I do? If she remembered Naraku and who me and the young lord are...then what else has she remembered?' Lan Fan's eyes slowly widened as a thought suddenly crossed her mind, 'Oh no...has she remembered Shen too? If that's the case then-"


Lan Fan jumped a few feet in the air when Emeara spoke up. Nervously turning, Lan Fan forced a smile and looked at the girl, "Y-Yes?"

Emeara stood up and looked Lan Fan in the eyes. The body guard froze where she stood.

Once again, Emeara had that demonic, murderous look painted on her face. Lan Fan could feel herself begin to sweat and quickly put her mask back on so Emeara wouldn't see.

"W-What is it...?" Lan asked, trying to hide the shakiness in her voice but was failing miserably. Emeara said nothing but continued to glare at her. The Xingese commoner could feel her heart beat begin to beat faster as she locked her eyes on with Emeara's insane-looking ones.

'...I can't take looking at her face when its like that for much longer...' She thought to herself. Lan Fan opened her mouth to repeat her previous question when, in turn, Emeara was the one to speak this time,

"You're in my way..."

Lan Fan frowned, "What?"

Emeara's glare darkened, "I said...YOU'RE IN MY WAY. MOVE." The girl took a step towards Lan, threateningly.

Lan Fan swallowed hard but stood her ground, "I'm afraid I can't. The young lord asked me to look after you until he returned."

The Song twin clenched her teeth and took another step towards Ling's bodyguard, "Move or else. I will kill you, Lan Fan."

Behind her mask, the Xing girl wore a more terrified expression then she ever had in her life but she wouldn't go against what Ling had said. She wouldn't let Emeara escape, "No. I already told you that the prince has asked me to-"

But before Lan Fan could finish, Emeara screamed loudly and clapped her hands together followed by slamming her hands onto the ground. A bright light flashed and giant spikes made out of the ground's matter shot up at Lan Fan. Using her flexibility, Lan Fan dodged all the spikes and landed herself on a lamp post. Emeara smiled up at her childhood friend,

"Not bad. I can see you've gotten better at your dodging." Emeara's smile turned into a dark smirk now.

Lan Fan felt as if she had been kicked in the stomach; stupefied as to what was going on.

'What's going on with her? She's never had that look on her face for so long before...usually she has it for a second or two and then says something about killing and then she's back to why...' At seeing another spike shoot up at her, Lan jumped from the lamp post to the roof of a building. Emeara followed suit and now, both girls were standing on the roof, staring at each other as if they were about to battle.

"Emeara- What in the world are you-" Lan Fan was cut off when she felt something sharp go through her right leg. The girl let out a loud moan and looked down to see a kunai had broken through the skin of her leg. Falling to one knee, Lan Fan panted slightly and yanked the kunai out. Then she looked back up to see Emeara slowly walking towards her, the glare still on her face.

'What...Whats happening?' Now the girl could feel tears coming to her eyes as she watched the Song girl move towards her. Lan Fan tried to stand up but quickly fell back down at feeling another kunai go into her other leg.

"Damn...!" She cursed aloud, trying to crawl towards the edge of the building.

"Where do you think you're going, Lan Fan?" Emeara asked, emotionless. Finally Emeara reached Lan Fan, stomping both of her feet on Lan's wrists so she couldn't crawl anymore.

"E-Emeara...stop this..." Lan grunted, trying to get out of Emeara's grip.

"Shut up. I warned you and Ling if you got in my way, I'd kill you." At that, Emeara clapped her hands and touched a metal pipe that was at the side. In another flash of light, the pipe turned into a katana.

Without warning, Emeara took her feet off of Lan's wrists and kicked her side so that Lan Fan was laying back-first on the concrete. Emeara then performed alchemy again and bound both Lan's ankles and wrists to the buildings roof, making it impossible for her to move at all.

"Wait...stop!" Lan Fan cried when she felt Emeara yank off her mask and throw it to the side. Emeara stared down at her with cold eyes, the katana in hand.

"You brought this on yourself...Now you're going to pay the price." Emeara held up the katana as if she were going to bring it down if Lan made one wrong move. The bodyguard stared at Emeara anxiously and rose her brows in confusion,

"What are you talking about? Emeara, snap out of it!" Lan cried again. Still, Emeara did not listen.

"Goodbye. My 'friend'!" Emeara threw up the katana and went to slam it into Lan Fan's flesh when, out of no where, a metal leg kicked Emeara in the face, sending her straight to the ground. As the girl fell, the katana flew out of her hand and landed onto the other side of the roof.

A large foot made out of armor stepped in front of the katana. Meanwhile, a figure appeared at Lan Fan's side and unbound Lan's wrists and legs, making it so she could move again.

Emeara sat up, holding her cheek where she had been kicked, and looked to see a gun pointed at her. Riza Hawkeye and Edward Elric stood in front of her, making sure she couldn't get away. Lan Fan stood at the side with a very angry-looking Ling Yao. And Alphonse Elric stood at the edge of the roof with Fu and Roy Mustang, still puzzled as to what had just happened.

Al looked down at the katana at his feet and then back up. His armor began to clang as he trembled in fear. Taking a step forward, the younger Elric called out to Ed, "Brother- What just happened?"

"I don't know, Al!" Ed replied, shaken himself. The Fullmetal boy's expression went from angry to slightly sad as he stared at Emeara who glared back at him with an uncharacteristic expression, "What's going on here, Emeara? Why did you try to kill Lan Fan just now?"

As Emeara went to stand up, Riza clicked the safety off her gun, "Don't move or else I'll put the number of bullets into you that match the amount of kunais you stabbed into that girl's legs!"

Standing with Al and Fu away from the others, Roy shoved a hand into his pocket, "Well, I guess she isn't as innocent as we all thought."

Al looked to the Colonel in shock and jumped in front of him, "Wait! Emeara is innocent! She's nothing like this- I-I don't know why she attacked Lan Fan but she...she isn't like that! Maybe that girl is Envy in disguise or-"

"No, that is Emeara, no doubt about it." Fu replied, staring at the Song member who was still pinned to the ground with a gun pointed in her face.

Alphonse turned to Fu and shook his head nervously in disbelief,"B-But Emeara...she isn't...she isn't that cold-hearted. She..." Al flashbacked to when he and his brother saw Emeara crying over her sister earlier on, "Why would she...a person like Emeara wouldn't...she couldn't..." Alphonse balled his hands into fists and stomped a foot down, "EMEARA ISN'T THAT KIND OF PERSON!"

"AL! THAT'S ENOUGH!" Al jumped and looked over to see Edward giving him a look that told him to shut up. Al narrowed his eyes and said nothing more.

Ed turned away from his brother and walked towards Emeara with caution, "Why are you acting like this? What possible reason could you have for attacking Lan Fan like you did?"

Emeara said nothing and looked down. Ed's expression turned angry again. The fifteen-year old leaned down so that he was eye-to-eye with Emeara. Reaching out his automail arm, Ed grabbed one of Emeara's wrists and yanked hard enough so that she was forced to look him in the eye,

"I want an answer, Emeara! Fess up. Right now!" Ed demanded, tightening the grip he had on Emeara's wrist. The girl stayed silent and just continued to glare at the dog of the military. Ed was becoming more furious now, "Emeara! You'd better answer right this minute. Al and I defended you when you were arrested by the military when we met. Hell, the Colonel even vouched for you! But if this is what you're truly like..." Ed paused for a moment, thinking back to how sweet Emeara had seemed before everything. And with that, Ed screamed, "If you're like this...THEN I WON'T EVER DEFEND YOU AGAIN! In fact, I'll even beat and drag you into military custody myself!"

"Edward." Fu's voice came from behind the Elric brother.

Ed looked back to see Fu telling him to calm down with his eyes. Ed clenched his teeth again and threw Emeara's wrist downward as he stood up. The Fullmetal Alchemist turned and had begun to walk away when he stopped,

"I may not know much about your past...but right now, Emeara..." The boy rotated his head so he had one eye focused on the girl, "You're like a monster."

The glare fell off Emeara's face almost instantly at the boy's words. As Ed, Al, and Roy walked over to Ling and Lan Fan, Emeara fell back nervously against the chimney on top of the building. Emeara, her eyes wide with anxiety and sorrow, looked up at the sky to see dark clouds starting to form. As Emeara stared at the sky, Riza pulled handcuffs from her pocket and proceeded to put them on the Xingese deserter.

'' Emeara felt as if someone was gripping her throat, hard enough that it was cutting off her oxygen intake.

As the girl began to have more trouble breathing, more memories flashed into her mind but this time, none of them had anything to do with Ling, Lan Fan, Fu, or even her sister Naraku. Instead, there were pictures of the man she had seen a while back in her flashbacks. The man resembled Ling Yao but seemed to be taller and his hair was slightly longer as well. This man was the same dead man she had seen herself holding in her arms when she had performed alchemy in one of the memories. He was also the man who stormed into the room and protected her from whatever it was that had attacked her. Who was this man? And why was he so familiar?

"Ngh...nghhh..." Emeara groaned as Riza clicked the last handcuff on her wrist.

At hearing the groans come from the girl, Riza shot a look of wonder at her,

"What's the matter? Are you hurt?"

The groans from Emeara only got louder, eventually to the point that it caught Ed and the others attention. The men and Lan Fan came over to where Emeara was and looked down at her as she continued to moan in agony.

"What's wrong with her? Lan Fan, did you hurt her?" Ed asked, looking to the black-haired girl. She shook her head and looked back at Emeara,

"Maybe she's having another flashback." The bodyguard suggested. Ling frowned hard and kept his eyes focused on his childhood friend,

"I hope not."

Ed scratched his head a moment and put on a thinking face, "Wait, so what memories hasn't she regained? She's remembered who you guys are and how she knows you. She remembered her sister and what happened to her..."

Al picked up on what his brother was getting at and continued, "What else is there for her to remember?"

"ngh...NGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" This time, Emeara's groans were nerve-wrecking and monstrous. The others all took a step back from her,

Lan Fan gripped her chest in pain, "Emeara?"

Roy quickly grabbed Riza by the arm and pulled her away from Emeara, "Get back, Lieutenant!"

In between her groans and moans, Emeara mumbled one thing, "...I'm...not a monster...!"

At that moment, Emeara let out an inhuman, terrifying scream.


"Hey, what are you doing out here alone?"

Xing, early 1900s. A little girl of about ten years sat alone at a gravestone that marked the name "Naraku Song". The girl had sat at the grave everyday for the past two weeks, alone, with no one with her. A few times, her friends Ling Yao and Lan Fan would visit the grave and stay with her for an hour or two. And later on, Lan Fan's grandfather Fu would bring food for the girl since she never went home to eat. For the past year, this is all the young child did. Sit in front of the grave and ponder as to why God had taken away the only person she held dear.

"Who are you...?" The girl asked, looking up at the unfamiliar face of the tall man leaning beside her. The man had medium-length hair that was as black as could be. His eyes were tainted a light blue and his face wore a look of great kindness. As has been established, she had never seen this man before. Which was odd because he was defiantly the same nationality she was. Just by looking at the man's eye shape she could tell he was at least half-Xingese.

A gentle smile came across the man's face as he looked from her and to the gravestone, "Is this someone you were close to?" He asked, the smile never leaving his face.

The girl's emotionless face didn't change as she muttered a simple "Yes." The man looked back at her, his smile growing a little sad,

"Oh. I see..." The man positioned himself beside the little girl and looked down at her, "Who was she? T-That is, if you don't mind me asking..."

"My twin sister." The child mumbled, holding her knees to her chest with her arms. The man's eyes widened a little at her claim,

"Your...TWIN sister? Oh man...I know how hard it is to lose a sister but a TWIN too?" That stranger looked away for a moment, "That must be so hard for a little girl like you. Do you have any parents?"

"No. I'm all alone." She mumbled, reading the name on the grave over and over as she had a million times before.

Again the man mumbled "Oh." And kept on smiling.

After a few minutes, the girl decided to repeat her question from before, "Who are you?"

The man looked down at the child and grinned a little, "Me?" His smile grew warmer before introducing himself, "I'm Shen Chou. I just moved back to Xing after three years."

The girl looked up at the man known as Shen with a little curiosity in her eyes, "After five years? You used to live here?"

He nodded, "Yeah. But I left Xing a while back so I could study Akahestry."

"Were you successful?"

The man's smile grew wider at realizing the girl was actually interested, "Yes, very. I learned more than I know what to do with. They're so many countries in the world and I must say, a few of them puts Xing to shame."

The child looked back at the gravestone, "...So you were in other countries that you liked better than Xing? Why'd you come back then?"

"Well..." He started, his smile beginning to droop a little, "I can't say honestly that I WANTED to come back to Xing; rather, I was forced to. You see, my clan, the Chou family, has been serving the Yao clan for generations and..."

"Wait. Did you just say the Yao clan?" The girl asked, turning her body back towards him.

He blinked a few times before he nodded again,"Yes...that's correct."

"One of my friends has the last name Yao. He's the twelfth son of the Emperor. His full name is Ling Yao." The child said, the monotone dropping from her voice and being replaced with a slightly excited tone; something in which, she hadn't had in over a year.

Shen rose his brows in surprise and stared at the girl, "Ling Yao? I think I met him once before. But he was really young when I did. I think it was the one time I came back to Xing for a month about a year or two ago. I needed more supplies so I returned and..." The man scratched his chin in thought and then snapped his fingers, "Yes, I did meet him! He was really young when I met him. This old man that was always kind to my family introduced me to him. I believe his name was Fu..."

"You know Fu?" This time, the girl jumped up from the ground.

The man looked at the girl with a surprised smiled, "Uh...yes. Do you know him too, young one?"

And for the first time in a year, a small smile found its way across the girl's face, "Y-Yeah...I've known him and Ling since three years ago. My sister and I love them. They're so nice and they're...our...friends..." At realizing she had just mentioned her sister, the girl felt her smile falling and tears forming in her green eyes. Without warning, the girl dropped to her knees and the tears soon fell off her face.

"Hey...are you okay...?" The man looked concernedly at the girl and petted her head gently, "...How long ago was it that your sister died?"

"A...A year..." The child spoke through her tears.

Shen nodded understandingly, "I see. Its only natural you'd still be mourning. And she was your twin sister after all."

The child looked up at him with her tear-stained face, "You...sound like you know what I'm going through."

"Well, I can't say I know exactly. But I have lost my fair share of loved ones in my years too. So I can come to understand why you feel the need to cry. That's good. It shows your not holding anything back..." The black-haired man smiled again and patted the girl's head.

A small amount of blush spread across the girl's face as she wiped her eyes and looked back at Shen, "...H...Hn..." When the girl realized that Shen still had his hand on her head, she turned to him with an annoyed look in her eyes, ""

"You know, its okay to cry." The girl looked at the man as if he were crazy. Shen chuckled and repeated his previous sentence, "It is. You seem like this is the first time you've really cried. Is it?"

The girl looked away, "...I cried the day after she died..."

"Oh? Is that all? What about the funeral?"

The girl shot a look of anger at him, "What business is this of yours, 'Shen' ?"

Shen looked at the ground, "It isn't, I suppose. I just recognize the look in your eyes, that's all. You blame God for what happened. Right?"

'What's with this guy? First he shows up out of no where and now he can see through me? Who does he think he is?' The little girl thought, huffing a sigh. Shen's smile turned sad once more.

The man slowly rose from his seat and got on his knees in front of the girl, "Let me tell you something, little girl..." Shen gently took hold of both the girl's hands that were very tiny compared to his. He went on, "Blaming God isn't going to bring her back."

Tears sprung to the girl's eyes again and this time she looked as if she were going to scream at him. But before she could, Shen sweetly tucked a strand of hair behind one of her ears and continued,

"I know it's hard to accept. She was your twin sister and you want her to come back so you can be together again. And it's lonely without her, right? I also know you must think I'm a horrible person coming here and then talking like I know everything..." Shen gripped her hand a little harder, "But, I want you to know. I was once like you. I lost my brother years ago and when he died, I blamed God too. But by blaming God, you're only adding to the pain. And by believing that your sister can return to you isn't changing anything. Not the past or the present. There is nothing in this world that can bring her back to you..." Shen could feel the girl trying to pull out of his grip as tears began to stream down her face again but he wouldn't let go. No matter what.

"Let go of me-"

"Please understand," He started, "You may not be able to bring her back but know this, you are not alone. Do you think she left you behind without anyone here to look after you? Didn't you say you knew Ling Yao and Fu and that you're friends? Don't they ever try to look after you?"

The girl began to tremble, "..."

The man's smile grew even sadder as he moved his hands upward so he could cup her cheeks and make her look up, "You're not alone. Even if you believe you are right now...don't believe that anymore. Look around and see just how many people there are that are still here for you. " Shen glanced at the grave and then turned back to her, "Naraku may have left this world a little earlier then she should have, but you're still here. So don't give up and don't think your alone anymore. And most importantly..." Shen patted her head and stood up to leave, "Don't ever think its not okay to cry. You're only human after all. Its better to cry when we need to."

At that, Shen turned and began walking to the graveyards exit but soon turned back, "By the way...What's your name, little girl?" He shouted from a distance.

As the girl wiped away the tears and thought about what Shen had told her, a warm smile similar to the one Nara had on her face before she died appeared and the girl called back, "My name is Emeara Song. It was nice meeting you, Shen! I hope we see each other again!"

Shen grinned and waved a goodbye as he walked off into the night.

*To be continued*

I know its odd to end this ep without even ending the flashback but there is a reason I'm doing that. Think of this as part 1 of part 2 of an episode in an anime. The next part will finish up the flashback. Anyways, so now you guys know how Emeara met Shen. I will add that there is an age difference between them but love has no boundaries. At the time of the flashback, Emeara is 10 while Shen is 18. Given he doesn't act at all like his age. He's very mature for being only 18 in this. I think I might have mentioned a while back that he died at 17 but I changed it. And I bet ppl are wondering why the hell Shen went traveling the world when he was only 15. Umm...because he's cool like that, idk. There's more to come later so stay tuned.

Base used was from Maid Sama
Brushes used in background are by :iconmylastblkrose:
FMA belongs to Hiromu Arakawa
Emeara, Nara, and Shen are mine

NEXT PART [link]
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